My Opinion of Jeff Hardy's Win at Backlash

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My Opinion of Jeff Hardy's Win at Backlash
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I didn't actually see the match between Jeff and Matt hardy at WWE Backlash, but I've been searching the Internet.  The most I've seen are clips that have been shown on television.

When I first heard that Jeff had won, I was both shocked and happy. I've seen every match between them since WrestleMania 25 and that one too.

Matt has won every one, so he was the one with momentum, but Jeff had to retaliate too.

I'm not really a big fan of Matt, and its not that I don't respect him.  He worked just as hard as anyone else to get where he is now.  I think he is a good wrestler, but he never should've turned on Jeff.

Then I heard a "speech" that Matt gave on Monday night raw, he called Jeff  "insensative, bitter and heartless".  This coming from the one who started it all, the one that practically took responsibility for "accidents" that could have cost Jeff his life.

Then I see WWE superstars, and I saw Edge and Jeff talking. Edge calls Jeff a screw-up, and Jeff attacks. My first thought? "Hah! Nobody messes w/ Jeff!"

Now, we see that Jeff has earned a title match at Judgement Day.  Of course Matt interferes.  He hits Jeff in the back of the head with his cast.  This ultimately costs Jeff his match, and the World Heavy-weight Championship Title.  Then Matt was backstage and he says "Everytime I feel the pain on my hand, I am reminded of the terrible things Jeff did to me."

Is it just me, or does Matt sound messed up in the head?

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