Vancouver Canucks Award Winners and Losers

Eric MacLachlanCorrespondent IApril 5, 2008

With the Canucks season over it is time to examine who the best, and worse Canucks were this season.

 Hart Trophy: Although he was as ordinary as everyone else down the stretch this award will always belong to Luongo. He had other things to think about down the stretch, and this team was not going anywhere if they made the playoffs anyways. The fact that this team which lacks offensive talent and struggled defensively was even in the hunt is a testament to how good Luongo is. 

Runner-Up: Ryan Kesler 

Selke Award: Top Defensive forward. No doubt it is Ryan Kesler. In my mind also the runner up for the heart trophy for the Canucks, this guy had a breakout season offensively hitting the 20 goal plateau, despite the fact that he is always the 1st guy out to try and shut down the other teams best players. If he can continue to be a 20 goal guy as the 3rd line shut-down center he will be a very sought after player throughout his career.

Runner-Up: Alex Burrows

Norris Trophy: Top Defenceman: This award was the hardest to choose as all their d-man struggled at points, and were injured at points. I will probably have some disagreement with this choice but I am going with Alexander Edler. Not flashy offensively, he was the one constant on this blue-line this year. He is solid in his own end and really picked up his physical play this year.

Runner-Up: Willie Mitchell

Unsung Hero: The Canucks have a number of players like Burrows, and Mitchell, who usually fly under the radar, but these guys got too much recognition this year for picking up the slack for the "scorers" so my pick is Taylor Pyatt. Pyatt did not have a great season offensively but was asked to play a much different role this year for Vancouver. He rarely played with the Sedins, and didn't see as much power-play time as last year but he played much more on the penalty kill and was a good defensive player for a team that lacked that talent.

Runner-Up: Mike Weaver

Now lets check out the loser awards, which aren't really awards, I'm just going to give you the three players who were a lot less than they needed to be and I'd be amazed if you couldn't guess who the three are. Markus Naslund, Daniel and Henrik Sedin.

Naslund: Next to Kariya was the worst deal in the NHL, as he was a 25 goal scoring 6 million dollar man. Would disappear for extended periods of time, is a liability in his own end, and does not possess the ability to make anybody around him better. He also shows very little emotion no matter the situation, and the players can defend him all they want he is no leader. 

Daniel and Henrik: When the going gets tough, they better be on the bench cause they aren't going to get the job done. They will cycle and cycle till their shift is over but they still don't go to the net enough against the big bodied defenders, and if they don't have the puck they are not nearly good enough in their own end to get out of trouble. Basically they better have the puck or they should get off the ice.

When these 3 are your top 3 guys, no wonder they finish in 9th in the west.