WWE Backlash 2009 Prediction Competition Results

JSenior Analyst IApril 28, 2009

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Backlash certainly produced a few shocks and delivered a fantastic show, but how well did you the B/R Wrestling section, predict the winners? Let's find out the results of the Backlash predictions:


70th – 0 points

Dan Telek


69th – 1 point

xxValentinoxx BLOOD


Joint 67th – 2 points

Ray Bogusz



Joint 64th – 3 points

Ste Eccles

Adam Testa

Gagan Samra


Joint 58th – 4 points

Angela Tester

Alex Idle


Jason Le Blanc

Brianna LaRue

Adrian Staehle


Joint 50th – 5 points

Daniel Sumrall

Jack Morton

Erin McLaughlin

Jessy Morris

Gabriel DeBiasi

Marina Boavista

Phillip Powell

Daris Brown


Joint 41st – 6 points

The Game HHH

David Bowston

Shane Howard

Jay Rob The Legacy Kid

Greg Bush

J Tom

Scott Beeby

Ali Mashraf

Brenton Faulkner


Joint 31st – 7 points

Ricky Bhatia

Steven Wilson

Kevin Canny

Chris Browne

Jared Barnes

Kurt Mehler

Ron Johnson

Tyler Williams

Svyato Rovenchuk

DJ Rallo


Joint 18th – 8 points

anonymous guy

Garrett Gonzalez

Miguel Cabello

Frank Dinardo

Will Howard

Dub Sizzle

Connor Green

Michael Wollin

Celeste Winchester

Lemar Bolton

Josh Fox

Josh Brewster

Jev Thorpe


Joint 16th – 9 points

Demetrus Stokes

Shreyash Dugar


Joint 5th – 10 points

Benjamin David

Andy J Springer

Andrea Claire

Carson Tazuk

Josh Logan

Jane Jane

Johnathan Staub


Jen Preston

Michael Archey

Catalina Monsalve


Joint 3rd – 11 points

David Phillips

Jack Jack


Joint 1st – 12 points

Jared Farver

Gevorg Keoseyan


Congratulations to Gevorg and Jared on winning. Nobody managed to get the full house but some got pretty close.

Thanks to everyone who took part, there were 70 in total this time, up 12 on last time.

I hope you all enjoyed playing, and I hope to hear from you all again come Judgment Day.