Poking Holes in the 5 Biggest Myths About Boxing

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Poking Holes in the 5 Biggest Myths About Boxing
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Boxing is a combat sport. That means it's a sport, but something beyond a sport. There is a seriousness to it that doesn't exist in sports where you have two teams chasing around or contesting over a ball. 

There's a reason people say, "You don't play boxing." It's a fight. There are rules and officials on hand to protect the competitors, if at all possible, from taking permanent damage.  

But it's still a fight. That gives it a primal, universal appeal. Any time two guys start throwing punches at each other, no matter where or when, people are going to stop and watch.

But boxing as a sport is a lot more than just two guys trading punches. The subtle complexities of what is happening in the ring and behind the scenes often escape the general public, and in some cases even legitimate fans.  

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