Ticket Pic of Derrick Rose Rubs Salt in Chicago Bulls Fans' Wounds

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 10, 2013

Via Dan Bernstein
Via Dan Bernstein

As if slogging through an entire regular season without Derrick Rose weren't enough, Chicago Bulls fans had to stomach a very tangible reminder that the former MVP won't be offering up any help against the Miami Heat in Game 3, either.

That's right, the tickets for Chicago's home opener in Round 2 featured the image of none other than Rose himself. And what's worse, he looked surprisingly active and healthy in the picture.

That's got to sting, especially for a fanbase that has had to put up with near daily reminders that the man they believe could be their savior is physically capable of suiting up. But, because Rose's mind isn't yet right, he's sitting out.

It must be difficult to tweak the layout of tickets. Let's at least hope that's the case because the visual reminder of the guy who won't be playing against the Heat only serves to twist the knife amid a slew of other injuries to the Bulls.

Although, maybe there's a conspiracy afoot. If the Bulls really wanted to stick it to Rose because he's been unwilling to get back on the floor, they could have used this visual hint to alert their fans that the organization certainly thought he'd be back by now.

Subtle, no?

If Game 3 is any indication, maybe Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen will be on the tickets for Game 4. They're not going to be able to help the Bulls in this series, either, so perhaps the organization would like to remind its fans of that, too.

Phil Jackson could be featured for Game 6 (if necessary).

The cherry on top of this disappointment sundae is the caption: "See Red."

If Bulls fans weren't ticked off about their team losing its composure in Game 2, the never-ending series of injuries and illnesses afflicting the entire roster and, of course, Rose's absence, that caption should help them remember just how unlucky the franchise has been.

So, to whoever's responsible for the ticket-printing in the Bulls' front office, nice going.

Now, somebody make sure to alert the ball boys that they'll need to mop up a few gallons of frustration tears from the fans sitting courtside.