Cody Rhodes Needs to Be a Singles Superstar Once Again

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 10, 2013

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If WWE is looking for someone to deliver enthralling promos and great matches, it needs to let Cody Rhodes thrive as a singles star.

He may not have Ryback's bulging muscles or Roman Reigns' intimidating presence, but Rhodes is one of the finer wrestlers and most adept talkers on the roster. Maybe he's not the type of star to carry a company, but Rhodes can be an affective member of WWE's upper echelon.

If WWE's tag team division was given more consistent attention, being one-half of Team Rhodes Scholars would be great for his career. As it stands right now, the division is essentially a desert where potential wastes away. Just ask Titus O'Neil.

Being one of the most entertaining teams in the division hasn't gotten Rhodes or Damien Sandow all that much. When being a Rhodes Scholar team member nets you getting bumped off WrestleMania 29 (h/t and being prey to Tons of Funk, singles competition begins to look a lot more appealing.

Rhodes and Sandow both belong in a thriving, star-studded, highly competitive tag division or to be set free to venture solo.

Rhodes wowed in a recent WWE Raw match with Randy Orton. He reminded fans and WWE creative why he belongs on TV and pay-per-views more often.

The mustached one's best in-ring skill is to make fans believe. In an age where the industry is so exposed and so many fans are jaded, it's difficult to have an audience suspend disbelief. Rhodes sucks fans in.

He forces us to just watch in awe as he and his foe go at it.

His amateur background (h/t NorthEast Cobb Patch), lineage and experience make him one of the company's best storytellers. Even if it's just to make those on the rise look better, Rhodes needs to be featured more. 

William Math wrote an intriguing piece at about Rhodes turning face. Math proposes a feud between Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler that would likely be an awesome ride. Whether or not a turn or that specific rivalry is the answer, Rhodes is certainly in need of change.

Branching out from one of the company's best teams should be part of that change.

He doesn't need a championship or to be in the main event; he just needs direction. Rhodes, like Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson before him, can shine on any place on the card.

If being a part of the most excellent Team Rhodes Scholars is going to continue to keep him off the card, though, having him become a lone wolf once again is best for him and for the fans he will entertain.