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10 Reasons Why Any True Sports Fan should stop competing in Fantasy Leagues Immediately (including March Madness brackets)


10. They are nothing more than a device the leagues use to promote the sport. Why else would any one tune into a Royals/Rangers ball game in April? Just to check their players’ stats.




“Notice gold has Fantasy, when you could argue it’s not even a sport.”


9. Every mothering-freaking sport has one. Team sports, individual sports. It’s no longer a novelty. There have even been high school football leagues. (They were quickly shut down, because of their “negative” effect on the games.)


8. Every freaking mother is playing. It’s worse than finding your pervey uncle on Facebook.



“If only this was every mother playing, then there’d be no problems.”


7. It has led to a drop in American productivity, hence affecting our economy. No wonder we are in the state that we are when everyone spends their days checking stats.


6. You never win any way. It’s either the guy who gets two hours of sleep each night during the season or the female co-worker who makes picks depending on what her cycle is that month.


5. Half the league quits before the end of the season. Thus making it much like the NBA and we all know what a bullshit league that is.


4. ESPN has adjusted the box scores, just for the sole purpose of informing the public of their Fantasy points.


“This plays to a whole different type of Fantasy League.”


3. ESPN has a Fantasy segment on their show. Just give me my goddamn scores and move on.


2. Players are becoming affected by the Fantasy leagues. And you can’t tell me they’re not, when the leagues/networks have them promoting the shit.




1. It breeds disloyalty, plain and simple. Yankee fans draft Red Sox. Eagle fans draft Cowboys. What happens when those teams play? You hear jackasses talking smack, until “their” player gets involved and its as if they’re standing next to Leatherface Jerry Jones on the sideline.


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