WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 10, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    Even if fans didn't get a chance to watch any WWE programming, social media clued us in on all the happenings of the week.

    Twitter and Facebook provided views of Brock Lesnar destroying Triple H's fake office and of the aftermath of Mark Henry whipping Sheamus with a belt.

    Luchadors, strange gimmick matches, a WWE Superstar's tattoos and a piece of Ruthless Aggression Era memorabilia were among the highlights from WWE-related social media this week. Plus, Big E. Langston weighed in again on rumors that he is Kaitlyn's secret admirer.

    An intriguing blend of history, current events and images make up the following WWE greatest hits on social media.

    Note: Slide six features a graphic photo of Sheamus' reddened back.

May 5: Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

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    Most people celebrated Cinco De Mayo on Sunday by eating Mexican food and having margaritas. WWE took the opportunity to showcase some of wrestling's best luchadors.

    WWE's Facebook page linked to a variety of ways to look back on WCW's infusion of Mexican wrestling as well as WWE's brief forays into the world of lucha libre.

    Relive some of the best action from Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis and Konnan in a video playlist or else flip through the luchador photo gallery.

    WWE also offers a list of the 10 most exciting luchadors which includes guys you'll expect and less well-known stars like Super Calo and Ciclope.

May 5: Roman Reigns' Tattoo Sleeve

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    Fans who regularly check in on WWE's Instagram page or this weekly social media article know that the company uses the site to show off various Superstars' tattoos.

    One may be too busy watching Roman Reigns spearing foes through barricades to really admire his intricate ink work. Reigns, famed Anoa'I wrestling family, shows off his Samoan heritage with this tattoo sleeve.

    Artist Mike Fatutoa extended Reign's shoulder tattoo further down his arm. The added art work only adds to Reigns' intimidating aura.

May 5: Big E. Is Not the Secret Admirer?

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    Someone who likes their women strong and quirky has been sending Kaitlyn gifts.

    Speculation about who this secret admirer is has seen everyone from AJ Lee to Cody Rhodes as suspects. Even though Big E. Langston has denied being Kaitlyn's admirer on Twitter, fans are still thinking that he's the guy.

    Langston took to Twitter again this week to address the rumors.

    Why would anyone think I'm the@kaitlynwwe secret admirer? I admire her openly & publicly. Sometimes with pricey opera glasses.

    — Big E Langston (@BigELangston) May 6, 2013

    So it looks like Dolph Ziggler's muscle-bound pal still claims to not be the secret admirer but admits to being a creepy stalker. 

May 6: Triple H Office Angle

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    In order to stir up excitement before Monday's WWE Raw, Paul Heyman documented via social media Brock Lesnar's destruction of Triple H's office.

    The entire angle played out on Twitter, from Lesnar's arrival to the WWE corporate office to the janitor-maddening aftermath.

    Heyman posted a video of the incident. He narrated as Lesnar crushed Triple H's desk like it was a cocky jobber.

    Now, @wwe videos are all available for viewing inside of @twitter, like this security cam footage of @brocklesnar! wwe.me/kPMUY

    — WWE (@WWE) May 8, 2013

    He provided a photo of the damage as well.

    The fact that a scene where an office was demolished was among the most talked about elements of a WWE Raw episode shows how effective the segment was and how little it had to compete with.

May 6: Sheamus' Welts

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    Sheamus and Mark Henry's feud intensified when Henry took a belt to Sheamus' back. The attack set up a strap match for Extreme Rules. On May 19, both men can whip each other until their arms grow tired.

    Sheamus showed off his battle scars on Twitter. WWE sent out the graphic image of welts lining the Irishman's back on Instagram.

    Henry left his Mark. Literally! Me welts have welts. #RAW #ExtremeRules twitter.com/WWESheamus/sta…

    — Sheamus (@WWESheamus) May 7, 2013

    This is an excellent example of using social media to further a story from TV. Watching Henry whip Sheamus was plenty uncomfortable, but seeing the results of that violence up close adds to the emotion of their upcoming match.

May 8: John Cena's Old Accessory

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    Fans who long for John Cena to return to the gimmick of his earlier days can have their nostalgia itch scratched by an image posted on WWE's Instagram page.

    Way Back Wednesday featured a close-up shot of Cena's Chain Gang chain. The oversized, bejeweled accessory was a part of an edgier version of Cena, one that seems like a distant dream in comparison to the squeaky-clean hero that he plays today.

    The medallion also features his old catchphrase, "You want some? Come get some," which is infinitely better than "you can't see me."

May 8: Strange Matches

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    With Extreme Rules around the corner, it's appropriate to reminisce about some of WWE's strangest gimmick matches. So far, the show has a cage match, a ladder match, a Last Man Standing and a strap match. Should WWE creative need inspiration for the rest of the card, it need only look at WWE's Facebook page.

    The company took a look back with a list of the craziest and most unique gimmick matches.

    The Tower of Doom is profiled here. The dumpster match involving Mick Foley and Terry Funk is included, as is the King of the Road match that got two wrestlers fired, a match on WWE Raw held under Province of Quebec Rules and the Duchess of Queensbury Match.

    If AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn or The Shield vs. Team Hell No end up happening at Extreme Rules, fans aren't likely to see any of these matches revived, but it might be fun if they were.