Alabama Target Vincent Jackson Jr. Takes Jab at Reuben Foster with Tide "Tattoo"

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 10, 2013


While Vincent Jackson Jr. is still uncommitted, he decided to take some time out of his busy schedule and throw a little jab at 2013 recruit Reuben Foster on his Twitter account.

No word on whether the ink is real or not, but it clearly looks like a drawing. You see books and a computer on a desk. He is possibly at school and had a little extra time in class. Maybe he wanted to keep his name buzzing in the recruiting world and decided that this would be the best way to shake things up. If so, job well done.

However, if this is a real tattoo, whoever did it should consider a new career choice. The line work is absolutely terrible and the coloring looks like it was done with a sharpie. This would be worse than having a tattoo of the wrong team on your arm. Oh wait. 

Is it too soon to mention that Jackson Jr. is correct with this message?

Maybe you have been sleeping under a rock. But Foster committed to Alabama, then switched to Auburn and is now back with Alabama. When he committed to Auburn, he decided to make it official with a tattoo of the Auburn logo. It later turned out that things weren't official and Foster is now a member of the Crimson Tide, which nearly blew up the Internet.

It is still bizarre having an Alabama player with an Auburn logo on his body, so Foster added a few things to his arm in hopes of making things less awkward.

Nope. We can still see that Auburn "A," and Alabama fans don't appreciate it one bit.

Jackson Jr. has the right idea of putting the correct school on your arm. Don't be so quick to get tattoos, and if you are foolish enough to switch schools and join the team's rival, you have to be willing to accept the pain of getting the thing removed.

Taking Jackson's advice and getting just a completely different version of the tattoo on the other arm simply wouldn't be good enough. It will never be complete until anything that has to do with the Tigers is completely removed from Foster's body.

As for Jackson, he has an offer from Alabama and has been considering the school, which makes this that much more interesting. No word on whether this was his way of committing to the school or not, but it sure is a nice little ice breaker when these two cross paths.

Jackson took an unofficial visit to Alabama on April 13, the same day he received an offer from Nick Saban and Co.