The Court Hearing: WVU vs. Rich Rodriguez and His Money Hungry Wife

michelle wvsportslinkContributor IApril 5, 2008

I attended the court hearing involving the WVU Mountaineers' former head football coach, Rich Rodriguez and his money hungry wife, Rita.

Yeah I could think of a few more adjectives to use in front of her name, but they are not permitted. 

Oh! What I would have given to have been able to stay through the entire trial.

What a person will do for money. Of course, she showed up for the trial. She's all in it, supporting her low life scum of a husband, Rich. -rodthefraud- You know it! 

If I had only been able to stay until the end, when the press was interviewing that lying -explicit-. She was running her slew of (total junk) lies against the WVU community.

You all who know me personally, KNOW (especially since I did not have my children with me, at the time) that I would have blurted out everything I could have, to rebut that Money Hungry -explicit-, and her cut downs!

Who the heck does she think she is? I guess it is better that I was not there because as the saying goes, [profanity omitted] would have hit the fan. There is one thing I can't stand and that's a liar.

SHAME ON YOU RITA! For it was a privilege that your low life scum of a hubby got the honor to coach on the beautiful campus of West Virginia University!

Rita & Rodthefraud 101, for the future, you scumbags!

1. Don't send a graduate assistant to deliver the resignation letter to the athletic director the next time you want to quit your job, just because being fired does not get you out of your 4 million dollar buy-out. This is what Rich Rodriguez did when leaving West Virginia.

2. Do not call a recruit to inform him about your departure prior to telling your athletic director. Rich Rodriguez DID in fact call Terrelle Pryor, a top recruit from Pennsylvania, who is being hailed as "Next Vince Young" by Rodriguez did this before he told the people who had been signing his checks for seven years... well you all know the rest.

Yeah sure Rodriguez wanted the edge on the "next big thing," but calling the star player immediately, lacked the integrity, respect & class.

3. Try to abide by the 2-year rule. You don't have to actually be loyal, but you have to at least try to appear that way, every once and a while, in between surreptitious cell phone conversations, with your agent, on the sidelines.

Look more at Dennis Erickson, who spent 2006 at Idaho, going 4-8, before immediately jumping ship to Arizona State. Or, Todd Graham, the coach who spent one semi-miraculous year at Rice, before leapfrogging to Tulsa in '07, and he has already been associated with some of the current job searches.

Graham and Bobby Petrino have one thing in common, they signed contract extensions, then took jobs elsewhere shortly thereafter, with Graham doing so, just days after the extension. 

4.  Nick Saban's "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach" comment could be construed as a lie. These types of statements end up being total and complete lies. 

A BLATENT LIAR: Rodriguez's statement, "I'm committed to West Virginia for a long, long time", came after a flirtation with Alabama in 2006, is the textbook example of how to do the "verbal splits."

It's just rumors, huh Coach Rod? You all are scum & I am so happy your scum, filth, low life money hungry, greedy selves are out of the State of West Virginia.

5.  Your children will grow up fast and will see what a liar and traitor you are, despite the lies with which you all are currently filling the innocent you boy's brain.

He will make the final judgment. Mark my words, I bet your boy sides with the State of West Virginia.