Softball Player Smashes Through Outfield Fence, Robs Home Run to Win Game

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Ohio University junior outfielder Alyssa Wolfe snatched victory from the gaping jaws of defeat at the Mid-American Conference softball tournament Thursday after plowing through an outfield barrier and hijacking a home run from in-state rival Miami of Ohio (via Deadspin).

Ohio was up 3-2 in the ninth inning with two outs in the bag when Miami freshman Jenna Modic stepped up to bat. She had a runner on first and a chance to help keep her team alive and did the best she could, cracking a pitch off Lauren McClary to deep centerfield. 

The ball was destined for the green expanse beyond the fence, that is, until Wolfe went full Juggernaut/Kool-Aid guy and blasted through the tennis net that was serving as the outfield wall.

Powering through the barrier, Wolfe managed to get a glove on the ball and came down in possession.

Aaaand cue everyone losing their minds. The Ohio dugout emptied and everyone went charging for the hero of the game, whose wall-smashing grab would end up No. 2 on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays.  

Even Modic, the Miami batter who’d been robbed of the run, was impressed—even proud—of the moment. 

Now, lets talk about the elastic softball fencing that made this play possible, which appears to be an Enduro Fence-style portable wall. One can certainly argue that it was this material that led to Wolfe being able to catch that ball. 

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an amazing grab, but had Wolfe run through a chain-link fence to catch that, well, she’d probably be in an underground lab being examined as a potential X-Men mutant.

With that being said, she did move like Nightcrawler while pilfering that home run. Bravo.


*Crashes through wall* "OH YEAAA!!":

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