High School Baseball Teams Lift Car to Save Pinned Girl

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 9, 2013

Photo Credit: KCRA
Photo Credit: KCRA

A dire situation called for quick thinking and 16 baseball players willing to lift an actual automobile. 

KCRA (h/t Yahoo! Sports) reports Valley High School (in Sacramento, Calif.) baseball players responded quickly when they heard screams of agony coming from the parking lot. What they found when they got there was a girl trapped under a car. 

A stunned collection of ballplayers corralled their strength and did the only thing they could think to do: lift the car. The 16 players ultimately managed to raise the four-door sedan enough to get the girl from underneath. 

Officials report the girl, who remains unnamed, actually attends Laguna Creek High. As for how this all came about, the girl was in the process of being dropped off for an after-school program. 

ABC News 10 Sacramento has a bit more detail, as well as a video report of the matter. 

Witnesses said a woman accidentally hit a car in front of her, panicked, then threw the car in reverse. She ended up hitting and backing over her own daughter. Her daughter was then stuck beneath her car.

It wouldn't be at all shocking to hear there was a great commotion and panic on the part of young men, who were apparently just there for their last practice of the season. 

Instead, as varsity coach James Millholland points out, the boys were as calm as you can hope in such a situation.

"We all just ran out there as a team," Millholland said, via KCRA. "No one was saying much, and then the guys got around the car and just lifted it up. There was very little talking."

The boys lifted and the coach pulled the girl to safety, who was then rushed to the hospital. As reported, bystanders claimed there were visible injuries to her ear and arm. Both reports confirmed that her injuries were not serious and she is expected to be just fine. 

As for the baseball team that hardly expected such an emergency to greet them at practice, we applaud their strength and calm. 

Now, if you need a car lifted, you know who to call. 


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