Roman Reigns' Spear Is Now the Most Protected Finisher in WWE

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

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The spear from Roman Reigns is the most over finish in WWE right now.

There's been no kickouts, except for The Undertaker in the six-man tag match. There was no need to use the spear at that point in the match. There have been no reversals. No superman false-finish sequences like we saw in the main event of WrestleMania. If you get hit with it, you respect it. We don't see it as often as we see other finishes from guys who have singles matches each week, but that's part of its success.

We see Reigns every week. He is over by association of being in The Shield. He is who WWE sees as its big star for the future. The company's protection of Reigns as a character and his finisher, plus his big, powerful Samoan look, is all in the recipe for WWE's interest in him.

Look at how he's been booked. He says the strong, powerful lines in the promos. This is both meant to look important but hide the fact he's the least experienced in all capacities of the business compared to Rollins and Ambrose.

Whenever Rollins and Ambrose are in trouble, making it seem like The Shield might be defeated, Reigns hits the spear. The gimmick with The Shield is its strength in numbers. More often than anything else, Reigns is the one who is that superior number.

The treatment of Reigns has an old-school lesson to it. Less is more. Get more miles out of something. Before the business got over-saturated in content, it was much more common to see a heel character and their finisher preserved until the appropriate payoff against a face. Today, you're lucky if you can get through a month without someone kicking out or reversing your finisher.

The Shield has a lot going for it. There are a lot of factors that continue to get the trio over and in turn, that means there are a lot of firsts that can eventually happen, which will get a face over...or should, in theory, if done correctly.

My point being that WWE shouldn't have Reigns' finisher become ineffective all in the same night. The Shield will eventually get beat. Don't sell all the stock in The Shield in one night. Booking someone to beat the group is accomplishment enough.

Reigns is an example of the best care WWE has taken of anybody in a long time. What it's doing with Reigns is the successful version of executing the formula that WWE tried with Ryback that came off as being forced. Ryback didn't say much and he was all power moves. Respect was given by his opponents to his character and his moves, but his flaws were exposed in the process.

The aura around The Shield commands attention of importance. Ambrose and Rollins fill the longer minutes with their natural talent. Reigns capitalizes on the time that is left to fill (which is short), plays to his strengths and is the difference-maker in the group going over in situations.

The Shield is that of justice―justice being a finisher that should be respected and protected.