Elisha Cuthbert and James Reimer's Wife Throw Dagger Stares After Leafs Lose

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When crowd reactions go wrong.

A cat fight of ocular proportions was brewing in the stands during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. Movie star Elisha Cuthbert and James Reimer’s wife, April, were not happy with how the game was going, and the camera caught the two throwing death stares after Boston scored a game-winning goal (via Yahoo! Sports).

Why so serious? Because they blamed each other’s husbands for the loss—or so it would appear. Reimer gave up the game-winning goal in overtime to Boston’s David Krejci, but only after a terrible, terrible offensive mistake by Dion Phaneuf—Cuthbert’s fiancé

After the goal was scored producers flipped the live camera feed around the stadium for reactions and caught the subtly catty exchange between the two women. Reimer turned to Cuthbert with a “What in the sweet hell was your husband doing?” look on her face, to which the movie actress responded with her own “Don’t even start with me” eye flick.

What appeared to be a deliciously awkward exchange ended with Reimer turning back around in disgust, and few watching failed to miss it. 

Looks can be deceiving, according to Reimer. She responded to the torrent of Twitter reactions regarding her and Cuthbert’s death stares with her own tweet, saying the two women are hunky dory, and that they were looking at each other that way due to a rude comment made by a man sitting near them.

Alas, what would the NHL playoffs be without dramatic finishes, overtime goals and the potential for cat fights in the stands, though? 


Death stare or not, Elisha Cuthbert will always be ‘The Girl Next Door’ to me: 

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