Tommie Frazier Is Correct in Comparing His Nebraska Teams to Alabama

Barrett Sallee@BarrettSalleeSEC Football Lead WriterMay 9, 2013

Former Nebraska QB Tommie Frazier
Former Nebraska QB Tommie FrazierMike Powell/Getty Images

Well, it finally happened.

Tommie Frazier, the man that inexplicably missed out on being named to the College Football Hall of Fame on a seemingly annual basis, finally got the call on Tuesday.

It also gave him a platform to state his case that the Nebraska teams from the mid-1990s are better than the Alabama teams from the Crimson Tide's current dynasty.

“In my mind, I already know which team was better,” Frazier said, according to the Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald. “I say it publicly all the time that I don’t think there’s any team out there that could beat that ’95 team, and over a five-year span I don’t think too many teams put up that record."

Good for Frazier. It may seem a bit out of bounds, but for those that don't remember those Nebraska teams, they were every bit as legit as the most recent Alabama teams.

Nebraska won national titles in 1994 and '95 with Frazier at the helm, and then split the national title with Michigan in '97 with Scott Frost under center. The Cornuskers went 49-2 during that four-year span.

For comparison's sake, Alabama is 49-5 with three BCS National Championships over the last four years.

Those Nebraska teams were legit.

Running the triple option, Frazier and that crew sliced and diced opposing defenses. Sure, you can argue that it may not be successful in this day and age with the more speed present in the front seven of elite teams. But that's going to happen when you compare teams of different eras.

A mind-boggling eight Cornhuskers rushed for 200 or more yards in 1995, with Ahman Green leading the way with 1,086 yards and 13 touchdowns. Frazier added 604 yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground. The two offenses took slightly different paths to success, but were very close in terms of overall production.

But the hallmark of both teams was defense, and both excelled at a very high level.

During Alabama's four-year run, it has given up just 11.1 points per game, while Nebraska gave up 14.2 points per game during its dynasty. A slight edge to the Crimson Tide, but Nebraska's 14.2 points per game would have finished in the top seven nationally with that mark in each of the last four years.

Are the two teams comparable? Sure. Very comparable, actually.

Besides, what did you expect Frazier to say? 

He was at the helm during the last college football dynasty, and bravo to him for having pride in his accomplishments.

Let's recognize the two teams for what they are—wildly successful football teams that are playing at a once-in-a-generation level.

Not a bad label to carry, if you ask me.