Urban Meyer's Recruiting Is the Type That Brings National Championships

Austin Kemp@@Theaustinator_1Analyst IMay 9, 2013

COLUMBUS, OH - JANUARY 15:  Head football coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes is introduced to the crowd at halftime of the basketball game between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Ohio State Buckeyes on January 15, 2012 at Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio.  (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

There’s no question that Urban Meyer’s recruiting is in a different galaxy than Buckeyes fans are accustomed to seeing. Traditionally, we are used to getting commits from the top 10 prospects in Ohio, for the most part, and then filling up the rest of the class with other Ohio or Midwest prospects.  Occasionally we would see a top player from Florida pop into our hands.

However, this is a new age of Ohio State football. Meyer is going national with recruiting, and this type of recruiting won’t just lead to conference championships, but to national championships as well.

Don’t get me wrong—Ohio produces great high school talent each year. Heck, without the state of Ohio, Michigan football wouldn’t be what it is today. It’s a hotbed for recruiting and will always remain one. 

Jim Tressel, and past coaches, had fantastic careers scooping up on Ohio and even Pennsylvania talent, while missing out on most of the big-time prospects from down south or out west. During this time, Ohio State was up there, considered one of the best programs in the country.

Think about this, though: With the popular name that is Ohio State, how will a Buckeyes football program be able perform when it takes recruiting national in a big way?

In this past recruiting class, Meyer showed why he is the best recruiting closer in the country. He took Scout.com's second-best running back from Texas as well as the state's No. 1-ranked linebacker, the best tight end prospect in California, the highest ranked defensive end in Florida and the top safety prospect in Georgia.

If Ohio State football was able to dominate with a type of “limited” recruiting in the past, imagine the riches that will be brought to this program with the country’s top talent.

What does this mean for the Big Ten? Trouble, simply trouble. Most programs in the Big Ten don’t appeal to national recruits like Ohio State does. Sure, Michigan may be able to grab a few here and there. They will be able to grab more recruits from Ohio with Meyer’s style, but it won’t be anything earth shattering as the Buckeyes will still take the state’s top talent. Nebraska might be able to go national once in awhile, and I mean might.  

The point is this: While the Big Ten will be stuck recruiting the same type of players they always have, Meyer is expanding Ohio State into a bigger national power than they already are. They way Meyer recruits is the way you win national championships—many of them.  

The party is just getting started in Columbus, Ohio as the Buckeyes went from a 6-7 team before Meyer to a 12-0 team with him. Ohio State has always been one of the most prestigious football programs in the country, and now we’ll see what this program will do when it's firing on all cylinders.