5 Mistakes Most Stables Make That The Shield Has Avoided

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

5 Mistakes Most Stables Make That The Shield Has Avoided

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    The standard logic in wrestling is that inevitably all good things come to an end, usually sooner than we would like them to.

    The Shield have been one of the exceptions to this rule. They debuted six months ago and have managed to remain interesting the entire time.

    Most storylines would not have the legs to make it six months, and most stables would start to show signs of fatigue by this point.

    The Shield have managed to not only remain a tight-knit group, but they have been able to be successful without a major Superstar as a leader.

    Many stables end up repeating the same problems year after year. This slideshow will look at some of the major mistakes The Shield have avoided making.

Making It All About One Guy

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    Something most stables have done is base themselves around one main guy and have everyone else on a second tier.

    It was Ric Flair in the Four Horsemen, Triple H in DX after Shawn Michaels left, Hulk Hogan in the NWO, Edge in La Familia and the list goes on and on.

    They may talk about brotherhood, but most of the stables in wrestling have been about one guy getting most of the credit.

    The Shield have all been on equal ground since their debut and they have stayed that way their entire run.

    They all play their roles. Dean Ambrose is the crazy guy, Seth Rollins is the hungry young guy and Roman Reigns is the enforcer, but they all stand together as one.

    Going six months without outright naming a leader is something WWE creative should be commended for.

Not Having Any In-Fighting

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    Many groups would have shown some signs of friction among its members after six months, but The Shield have never shone a single crack in their foundation.

    It has worked to their benefit to be focused on a single goal and never shown having any issues among each other. This makes them somewhat unique.

    There has been no jealousy because one found more success than the other two, and nobody is clearly the weak link.

    This is a group of equals, and that is really rare in the wrestling business.

Bringing in More People

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    Growth is what killed some of the best groups of all time, with the NWO being the best example.

    It began almost the same way as The Shield. It was a few guys who saw a problem and decided to fix it themselves.

    Scott Hall and Kevin Nash laid the groundwork while Hogan came in and shocked everyone by turning heel and joining the Outsiders.

    Before long it was clear that Hogan's ego would never take a back seat to any of the dozens of Superstars who came in and out of the group.

    Starting as a trio and staying that way is what will allow The Shield to continue through the summer and possibly beyond.

Diverting from Their Original Goal

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    The Shield's message has not changed since they first spoke to the WWE Universe. They want to fight injustice.

    Whether their definition of injustice lines up with any of ours is certainly up for question, but there is no denying that they have been focused on a singular goal since debuting.

    They have targeted and defeated anyone in WWE who matters, with their only losses being by DQ and Dean Ambrose tapping out to The Undertaker in a singles match.

    Very few stables have been able to be this dominant for this long, and it is a credit to WWE for not screwing up their brightest new prospects by having them put over someone at the top of the roster.

Too Much Merchandise

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    If you go to The Shield's page on WWEShop.com you will find exactly one item. It is a shirt brandishing their name and a shield logo.

    We have never once seen any of the three men in the group wear the shirt, and had I not checked I would never have known it existed.

    Often times a super-hot group or Superstar is over-merchandised to the point of it becoming annoying.

    If you look at CM Punk's merchandise page there are literally dozens of different items to choose from, including three different clocks.


    Not only will WWE slap a logo on anything (click here to see a product nobody could have foreseen), but they will do it with multiple versions of the same product.

    By not over-merchandising The Shield, WWE officials have broken a yearslong bad habit of trying to squeeze every penny out of a hot commodity.

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