Intense Miami Heat Fans Give Joakim Noah The Business

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

Joakim Noah earned an ejection, both teams piled up nine technical fouls, and the Chicago Bulls lost to the Miami Heat by the largest margin in franchise playoff history.

However, the enduring image from a memorable game may end up being the one-finger salute Noah received from an orange-tinged Real Housewife of Miami lookalike as he headed up the tunnel.

Update: Thursday, May 9, at 1 p.m. ET by Ethan Norof

 The woman has been identified, and she's got a back story worth sharing.

According to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, the woman's name is Filomena Tobias, "a widow of former CNBC commentator and financial wizard Seth Tobias," according to Tobias' daughter Victoria.

Victoria also noted that her mother is "embarrassed, but she is being a good sport," which is pretty ironic considering her actions at the game. Filomena apparently has no further comment on her 15 minutes of fame, which is a shame because she's obviously a national treasure.

Since the incident, some chilling details about Filomena's relationship with the late Seth Tobias have surfaced, specifically her potential involvement with his untimely death. Also of note is that the widow has had three other marriages—all of which had storylines fit for reality TV. 

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The classless gesture put a cap on a game that was more about bravado than buckets, as both clubs took offense to the slightest contact and the Bulls eventually lost their cool.

Noah's ejection, which he later admitted was warranted, led to a fan response that was anything but.

And for what it's worth, the Bulls' emotional center evinced a surprising calm in his postgame press conference, clearly having come down from the adrenaline rush that culminated in his early exit.

As if the parting shot from a couple of overzealous Heat fans wasn't enough, there were a pair of kids sitting right in front of all the action. The young man on the right is obviously a little stunned by what he's seeing.

The gesture sure didn't help dispel the notion that Miami fans are a little lacking when it comes to courtside etiquette.

Nor did it dispel the idea that many Heat supporters in attendance were little more than bandwagon jumpers with fan pedigrees dating back no further than 2011.

I'll admit those last two shots are probably out of line. But they feel appropriate after such a pathetic showing from one particular "fan."