Is This the Second Coming of Two WWE Championships?

James YaegerContributor IApril 27, 2009

At Backlash 2009, the WWE may have planted small seeds that some may overlook. Those seeds were in the Edge and Christian segment and in Randy Orton calling out Batista.

I ask you to remember the days in the WWE, when there was just a single champion.

Well, those days may be coming back. Last November, there was a report that something may have been overlooked with the news of Christian's impending arrival, shadowing all else.

That report was that something internally had begun to toy with the idea of bringing back the Unified Championship.

The reason behind it was that some felt they had created three upper mid-card-level championships, with each brand having one exclusive title. However, it was immediately dismissed with the notation stating that Vince McMahon was strongly not in favor of the idea.

But then last night we had a small confrontation between Edge and Christian.

This of course jump-started my mind.

What if Christian holds the ECW title and defends it on ECW until One Night Stand or Extreme Rules or whatever they're calling it now.

He successfully defeats Tommy Dreamer, and it leads to a touching display, as Christian celebrates the career of Tommy Dreamer in the ring, giving Tommy one last hoorah.


Out comes World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Remembering the past violence that he incurred against Tommy Dreamer in 2006, Edge comes out and slanders the retiring legend.

This leads Christian to defend Tommy, effectively denouncing his old ways and saying that he wishes he saw Edge for what he truly was back then. It leads to a major confrontation between the two, with it ending when Christian submits that, indeed, he believes he is better than Edge.

This leads to a match between the two, with both titles on the line, and we're going to find out exactly who is better than who.

Christian wins the match, unofficially uniting the two titles. Meaning they are separate officially, but not in Edge's mind.  He wants both now, he can't settle for one.

A rematch occurs at No Mercy, which is once again won by Christian.

Edge goes on hiatus for a while and Christian moves on, now wrestling unofficially on the SmackDown brand. Can that be done? Well, technically no, but some superstars have been believed to be bigger than the brand separation (*cough* Miz *cough, cough* Morrison).

Christian moves on to feud with Undertaker for a month, followed by John Morrison until....

The Royal Rumble.

Edge has been back for a couple weeks now, and he is hell-bent on becoming the ECW/World Heavyweight Champion.

He gets a TLC Match at Royal Rumble and wins in what is perhaps the best match of the year. Then, in a shocking manner, Edge cheats his way into the Royal Rumble and wins, entering at No. 1.

He says he has shown that he is the best wrestler on the SmackDown and ECW rosters combined.  He won the Rumble from the hardest spot, and now he also wants to prove that he is better than anyone on the RAW Roster.

He wants Batista.

Batista meanwhile, won the WWE Championship at One Night Stand, lost it at Summer Slam, and got it back at Survivor Series, for those who insist on knowing all.

He defends it at No Way Out over Triple H. The time has come for WrestleMania XXVI.

The Unification match is the Main Event, even over the much anticipated Undertaker vs. Triple H and Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. (for the Intercontinental Title) matches.

In the match, everything seems to go Edge's way, until Randy Orton comes out and turns on his former Tag Team partner and Batista wins the title before he too gets punted in the head.

I mean let's not go crazy. All three titles may get unified at WrestleMania, but an RKO face turn is out of the question.

But what about ECW you ask? How could they go without a title?

Well, I may have neglected to mention that at One Night Stand, we will see the first official match for the Hardcore Championship since 2002.