WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Dean Ambrose and Superstars Who Will Steal the Show

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Extreme Rules will be headlined by a WWE Championship Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Ryback, but in order for the pay-per-view event to be a success, other stars will have to shine throughout the night. Though there are still several matches left to be announced, the pieces are in place for a fantastic event.

It has become customary for Extreme Rules to feature several WrestleMania rematches, although only one or two at the most will be on this year's card. Everything feels fresh and new, and that means some different guys should be getting pushed in the near future.

The weeks and months following WrestleMania almost always represent a transitional period, so it is important to impress at Extreme Rules. Having a great match at Extreme Rules can set the stage for excellence throughout the remainder of the year.

Here are three superstars who will get off on the right foot following WrestleMania with fine showings at Extreme Rules.


Dean Ambrose

Extreme Rules promises to be a big night for The Shield as a whole, but Dean Ambrose is the member who really figures to stand out. The Shield has been feuding with Team Hell No since WrestleMania and a Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules appears to be in the cards. A handicap match is possible, but it seems much more likely that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will face Kane and Daniel Bryan at this point.

That leaves Ambrose out of the equation, but there is a way to remedy that. The Shield defeated the team of Kofi Kingston and The Usos on Monday in a match that ended with Ambrose pinning Kofi. The announcers made a big deal out of Ambrose pinning the United States Champion and Ambrose appeared to stare at the title following the bout.

Kingston isn't feuding with anyone right now, so a match against Ambrose at Extreme Rules makes sense. Ambrose has been wrestling a lot of singles matches lately, which is probably a sign that he'll go for a singles title. If Ambrose wins the United States Championship, helps Rollins and Reigns win the tag-team straps and then gets involved in the main event, it will be an extremely fruitful night for the rising star.


Dolph Ziggler

Stealing the show is nothing new for Dolph Ziggler and he will be sure to do it again at Extreme Rules. Since beating Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship the night after WrestleMania, Ziggler has been booked in a schizophrenic fashion. He has looked great in a handful of victories, but he has lost to the likes of Jack Swagger and Del Rio as well, so he hasn't been able to pick up much momentum.

That should change at Extreme Rules as The Show Off defends his title against Swagger and Del Rio in a triple-threat ladder match. Ziggler is no stranger to winning ladder matches as he won Money in the Bank last year and successfully retained his contract against John Cena at TLC. Ziggler is a fantastic wrestler regardless of the situation, but he always seems to raise his game to the next level when ladders are involved.

Ziggler has yet to defend his title, so his Extreme Rules match is a big deal. It's important to make Ziggler look like a strong champion, rather than having him luck into victories all the time thanks to help from A.J. and Big E Langston. He'll likely get some assistance at Extreme Rules, but the chaotic setting will allow him to shine as an individual. Ziggler is often compared to Shawn Michaels and this is precisely the type of match the Michaels would have brought the house down with. Expect Ziggler to do the same.


Brock Lesnar

He may not be a full-time wrestler anymore, but it can be argued that Brock Lesnar is the WWE's biggest draw. That is why he is needed at Extreme Rules. With CM Punk taking an undetermined amount of time off and both The Undertaker and The Rock out of the fold for now, the WWE needs star power at Extreme Rules. That is exactly what Lesnar will provide as he faces Triple H in a rubber match that will be contested within the confines of a steel cage.

Lesnar beat Triple H at SummerSlam, but Triple H got revenge at WrestleMania. With the score even at 1-1, the winner at Extreme Rules will have bragging rights moving forward. Since Lesnar figures to be a bigger factor than Triple H in the near future, he is likely to pick up the victory. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter who wins, though. The fact is that Lesnar and Triple H are two of the best brawlers the business has ever seen and they are going to put on a great show at Extreme Rules.

There are differing opinions regarding the No Holds Barred matches they have already had, but they were both entertaining due to their brutality. A steel cage adds a totally different dimension to the feud and it will truly allow Lesnar to unleash the beast within. Lesnar looked like a man possessed when he trashed The Game's office on Raw and he will almost certainly bring that same intensity with him to Extreme Rules.

Lesnar hasn't had any reservations with regards to using weapons, getting busted open or anything else since returning to the WWE last year. Lesnar vs. Triple H needs to be great in order for Extreme Rules to succeed, and Lesnar will ensure that it is.


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