The Newest Carolina Panthers Defensive End: Everette Brown

Allen LoppCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 23:  Defensive end Everett Brown of Florida State runs with the football during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 23, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

Last Saturday the NFL Draft was held and the Carolina Panthers had zero first-round picks.

They traded up into the 43rd overall pick to take Everette Brown:

Florida State defensive end Everette Brown is arguably the most explosive pass rusher in this year's NFL Draft, and he has the potential to become a defensive force in the right system early in his career.

At about 245 pounds, Brown is a bit light to be an every-down player in a 4-3 system, but he has the perfect size and athletic ability to play the rush-linebacker position in a 3-4 set.

Brown might be a liability at the NFL level if he does play in a traditional 4-3 role unless he packs on a little more muscle.

In the run game, Brown can run from behind with the best of them.

He struggles when teams come right at him because he has trouble taking on the bigger run blockers at the point of attack.

He's as good as they get at coming off the edge and getting after the quarterback, while at this time he isn't what you would call a refined pass rusher.

Brown anticipates the snap well, has great initial quickness off the line, and displays a fantastic closing burst. He can also change direction quickly and fluidly.

Because of his lack of size and strength, Brown must rely on his speed to get to the quarterback because he's not going to bull rush many blockers at the NFL level.

The good news is he has the frame to pack on some more bulk without losing his athleticism, and his strength will improve once he gets into an Carolina panther's training program.