Mayweather vs. Guerrero Fight: Most Telling Images From Saturday Night

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIMay 8, 2013

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.'s win over Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero on Saturday night had multiple themes. While this wasn't the epic clash between two storied names that the boxing world longs for, the fight still had its share of compelling storylines and events.

Every professional contest has a story, but it isn't always easy to see.

That's the great thing about boxing. No other sport is as revealing or serves as a window into the minds and hearts of its participants like the Sweet Science.

There are certain snapshots from Saturday night that could tell the story of the bout on their own. Follow along through this image-driven timeline of the night's events.



When you're 43-0, amazingly gifted, brilliant inside the ring and in optimal shape, you can't help but feel confident.

From the moment Mayweather came to the ring on Saturday night, it was clear he knew he was the better fighter.

Though this was a quieter brand of confidence than many are used to seeing from Money, the pound-for-pound king was prepared mentally and physically.


Not Intimidated

Guerrero may have been physically outclassed, but no one can say The Ghost wasn't mentally prepared. He came to the ring focused and never looked tight.

Despite the fact that he likely saw more camera flashes in one night than he's seen his entire career, he didn't lose because the moment was too big for him.

Guerrero claimed he would like to work his way up to a rematch with Mayweather, but barring a major drop off in skills from Money, I can't see the result ever being any different.

That said, the focus and professionalism Guerrero displayed will serve him well for the rest of his career. At least he can be sure his next opponent won't be nearly as good as his last.


Setting the Tone

While another one of Mayweather's punches may have received a lot of the credit, the jab is the weapon that set the tone for the night.

Mayweather has a plethora of in-ring qualities, but one that often goes unnoticed is his 72" reach. Couple that with his sharp reflexes, quick-twitch athleticism and accuracy, and you have the formula for a dominant jab.

He didn't ride it like some larger fighters might, but he certainly established it early on.


The Other Punch

Money threw power shots with his right hand from so many angles, Guerrero must have thought he was in a sadistic geometry class. 

Mayweather landed power shots at an amazing rate of 60 percent on the night. Were it not for an injured hand, he may have stopped  Guerrero in the mid-to-late rounds.

Watching Money fire shots straight between Guerrero's gloves and then around them was like witnessing pure artistry. Even though I'm sure it was just a bloody mess to the Ghost.


Hiding Right In Front of You

It was funny to hear Guerrero's dad Ruben yell: "You ran like a chicken" at Mayweather after the fight. He couldn't have been more inaccurate.

Mayweather spent much of fight right in the pocket for Guerrero to hit. The only problem for the Ghost was that he simply couldn't find Mayweather.

Guerrero isn't the fastest fighter, but he certainly isn't the slowest either. Mayweather's speed, agility and elusiveness were just too much for the Ghost to handle.


On Another Level

At the end of the day, this image with Mayweather sitting high above Guerrero is fitting. The Ghost was beaten by an all-time great. There is no shame in losing this fight.

The Mayweather that showed up on Saturday night would beat almost any fighter who has ever laced up the gloves. He was that sharp.


Squash the "Beef"

A lot of things are said during the hype for a fight. Mayweather is a master of flipping the switch on and off. It was great to see the fathers of the fighters embrace after they nearly came to blows at a pre-fight press conference.

This is a show, and it's important for those involved to know when the show is over.


Family Matters

Although I'm sure Floyd Mayweather Sr.'s defensive expertise was an asset to Money's camp, I can't help but think reuniting family was a primary motive for Mayweather as well.

He has seemed more introspective and wise since his incarceration. Throughout the Showtime All-Access Series to promote the fight, he repeatedly worked to curtail tensions between his dad and uncle, Roger Mayweather.

It appeared having his family with him was important. 

The Guerrero's bond was undeniable as well. No matter how old a man gets, when he has a good relationship with his father, he's always ready to give props to the old man.


Still No. 1

Many details can be discussed and debated. We can speculate on who Mayweather should take on next.

But those questions shouldn't overshadow the biggest takeaway. On Saturday night, Money made it clear he is still the pound-for-pound best in the sport.


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