Iron Sheik: CM Punk Injury Show Today WWE Very Different from Sheikie Baby Era

Iron Sheik@the_ironsheikSpecial Guest ColumnistMay 8, 2013

The following is by the Iron Sheik, as told to Bleacher Report. Several terms have been changed to make the interview suitable for posting.


Maybe the Brock Lesnar getting big push from the Mr. McMahon.

(He and Paul Heyman reportedly destroyed Triple H’s office at WWE headquarters on Monday.)

The Brock the real, but the Brock have no charisma because he farm boy. He not like the Jesse Ventura color gimmick.

He need the intelligent Pauly to help him get over as real heel. Pauly my good friend. He best because he know how to make the people happy and them mad. The Pauly like the Bobby Heenan or the Freddie Blassie. They both know that—shooting-wise—I can beat the --- out of them both, but they respect the legend and I respect them forever.


CM Punk’s Time Away From the Spotlight

CM Punk fan miss him, but now the time is best for make and break the new stars. He off the TV, so the other talent now have chance to get over. He always know how to be the show business and the wrestling. Now the Fandango—not the Fan dog ----—he become the real because he get more the TV time.

Respect the CM Punk…respect his character. He get lot of respect from the boys in locker room and Vince love him, so he get over best.


Respect for Fandango

Also new gimmick now make me happy the Fandango. Before I think he the Fan dog ---- but now he over with me. He make the money for the Vince Kennedy McMahon, and everybody happy. He good like the Bob Orton son, not like the jabroni Three-Man Band. I beat the ---- out of them, break their necks. They deserve suplex from the legend.

In Sheikie’s time, best character was Iron Sheik and the Nikolai [Volkoff] because I was hottest thing because my character believable. Iran War make me real red-hot heel heat. Nobody more over than the legend.

Also the Hot Rod have best, because he wear the skirt, but he tough. The people get angry, but they love him also. We not like the jabroni Koko B. Ware. He have dumb son of a ----- bird always take ---- in the airport.

Same with the Jake Roberts. The Snake, he have smell worse than dead dog.

Also worst forever is Ultimate Warrior. He ultimate piece of ----, and he can ultimate go ---- himself.


Top Stars Take Injury Timeouts 

How does Sheikie Baby feel about wrestlers rest because of injury? You ask excellent, excellent question.

Wrestling toughest sport. We never take day off. We never have the offseason like the hockey or the football. We work year-round, and we never complain because you fight to be with biggest company in the world and you never ask for the time to rest.

You have to work. Now not like before. The WWE talent get more money, get more take care of and they take it easy when they have to.

Also the wrestling different from before. In Sheikie’s day, we wrestle. We not use gimmick like the table chair. Wrestler today get more hurt than our day. Still they not have same toughness like the legend.

The CM Punk, the Rocky, the Rey Mysterio all injured, and they all take the time to rest.

And Bubba don't insult the legend. This their job, this feed their family. They have no other way to make the money, and that way they slave to the wrestling. Impossible for wrestler to become doctor or the mechanic. All they know is the wrestling and forever they do this job.

A lot of people think the wrestling is easy. I have bad knee…almost no walk. Look at the Jerry Lawler with his heart. We still get involve with the sport because we have the pride and the heart. Sometime we get hurt and sometime we don’t.

I like to still if I can get in the ring because the wrestling is in my blood. I miss my business. I miss the road and the show, but now I have bad knee…maybe need the surgery, so I can’t do it.

Still the people in the business…they want to do whatever they can to stay in the spotlight.



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