The Disrespect Towards Woman's Wrestling In The Mainstream Wrestling Companies

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

To put it bluntly, the woman's divisions in the two mainstream American wrestling companies are slowly losing any form of respect that they had.

Don't believe me? Well here are some quotes off of yahoo answers, bleacher report, and other sites.

"All the diva's are just worthless eye candy"

"TNA knockouts aren't trained by TNA they are recruited"

"Both companies should just scrap their woman's divisions"

"The woman's title is worthless"

"The woman's matches are a waste of time"

My thoughts on mainstream woman's wrestling as of right now? Well to put it in my honest opinion it is currently, please pardon my language, a g**gr**ped B**tch-slapped, beaten down mess. It is nowhere near what it was as few as five years ago. Who is at fault for this? Well the blame can be a credited to two things, The companies themselves, and the fans.

Let's start with what the fans credit to the problem.


1) Lack of Care

Most wrestling fans really don't care about woman's wrestling. They view it as something that is boring or just a waste of time. We don't care for the rivalries because often we find them far too lackluster or repetitive.

2) Not looking at the complete package

Many fans believe the divas, or knockouts which ever you prefer, as eye candy. Well let me layout a fact. We call them eye candy and perceive them as such because that's all we want to see.

Far too often a wrestling fan will look at a Diva for her looks and not her wrestling skills. We as fans choose to look at a diva for what we believe to be her negatives instead of looking at what is positive about her.

3)Clinging to the past

Many fans yearn for the diva's of old, Trish and Lita. Don't get me wrong I love Trish and Lita and respect their talents and what they did for the diva's division, and woman's wrestling as a whole, as much as anyone else.

But as much as we want them to come back they are retired and they will probably stay so except for sporadic appearances. We need to stop clinging to Divas of the past and look towards the future of the division, Divas like Natalya or Kelly Kelly, who is probably one of the most underrated WWE divas.


Well, now that I got that off my chest let move on to who everyone likes to blame, The Companies.

1) Disrespect of The Women's skills

It is well noted that Good old Vince McMahon appears to hire Diva's for their looks without actually taking into account their wrestling skills or talent. Kelly Kelly, as talented as she is, is a great example of this.

She worked for a modeling agency and WWE contacted her and asked her to come train at OVW. She had no previous wrestling ability yet WWE gave her a contract.

However Christy Hemme who has a tremendous amount of talent was released as a budget cut. Ever seen some of Jillian's old OVW matches? She is an awesome wrestler yet she is reduced to a jobber.

Cherry was rising as a wrestler yet released because she was fat!? What!? As far as I recall Cherry didn't look that fat, if Cherry was too fat why didn't they release Bertha Faye back in the 90s?


2) Not Enough Ring Time

The woman are also given a very small time slate for their matches, the longest match I've seen in WWE in recent times was roughly ten minutes. It was a five-diva tag match, and guess what? Only four of the Divas total got any in-ring time. Its down right wrong. Some of the diva's deserve longer matches especially Jillian, Natalya and Beth.


3) None developed characters

Many of the Divas have the same gimmick, random blonde (insert number here), and a majority of the Divas that do have a gimmick aren't given the time to develop the character or the gimmick sucks.(Jillian Hall, bad singer = Ratings?) 

Take Michelle McCool's heel turn, a random attack on three divas, one good interview segment and......nothing. They didn't even take the time to build her to be a good heel diva even though she is one of the most talented Divas on the roster and they already had a good thing running.

She could have easily been the next Trish if they had taken the time to develop her heel character.


4) Dumb/ repetitive storylines

I would like someone to explain to me how a man dressed in drag is bad at any other time yet its apparently good when we are watching it on Raw? Its stupid. It poisoned the entire air of the 25 Diva Ms. Wrestlemania battle royal.

That match should have been used to elevate a current Diva or add to the career of a long standing alumni who helped the business, instead it was won by a man with a terrible fake Italian accent and if that isn't bad enough they have kept this story going taking up all the time for the Divas on Raw.

I've covered the dumb now the repetive. Allow me to sum up just about every storyline for the woman's title in the year or so.

"I want the title" Fans don't want to be see that! Not only is it not a really good story its been done over and over again between the same people! I think this story should be scrapped and the writer who thinks it is a good idea to use it over and over should be fired.

How it all ties together

Its actually rather simple, because the company proposes the same story, the same look for all the divas, and the lack of wrestling in their matches, Fans see the divas as boring and Eye candy, because Fans see the Divas as Eye candy that is what the company hires, and since they are boring the company makes their matches short and Divas cant develop their feuds or character which makes it more boring.

Its a vicious circle that needs to be stopped RIGHT NOW!!!!

For the fans of the dream match breakdowns I will be publishing more soon, please suggest ones you would like me to do.

Wrestling Uncovered will also be doing an episode dedicated to this subject that is much more indepth than this article.


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