WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Underrated Stars Who Must Be Added to Card

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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The 2013 edition of WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view is less than two weeks away, and while the excitement around the marquee show is through the roof, there are stars being passed over already.

The hope is that the underrated wrestlers who must shine to become full-fledged WWE Superstars will get that chance at Extreme Rules.

With the addition of Brock Lesnar to the card, this is the time for stars to make a statement.

All of the following wrestlers have been great since debuting but are still trying to make an impact on the WWE landscape. If these men had a match at Extreme Rules, the card would be even more impressive.



The WWE has done its best to embrace the craze of Fandango by pushing his dance and theme song as hard as possible. With Fandango getting over with the crowds better than expected, it’s time to follow it up with a huge win a Extreme Rules.

Instead of beating Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship as many expected, the fact that Chris Jericho returned to continue his feud with Fandango proves that the duo will be working an Extreme Rules match together.

That’s good news for everyone in the WWE Universe.

Jericho put Fandango over at WrestleMania in a match that ended with a botch, and with both men’s desire to have the best match of the night, their redemption bout at the Extreme Rules PPV would steal the show.

Fandango would beat Y2J.


Antonio Cesaro

After watching Antonio Cesaro yodel to the ring and lose his U.S Championship, the thought from many in the WWE Universe was that the Swiss star was in the dog house with the officials backstage.

As seen on Monday’s episode of Raw, this recent losing streak is to set the stage for a transition to a less gimmicky heel. With all the raw talent the WWE looks for in a superstar and the experience to fight in any big spot he’s needed, Cesaro needs to start his ascension to the top in a match at Extreme Rules.

The ideal bout for Cesaro would be another match with Kofi Kingston.

After beating Kingston down, the Swiss star would win the championship and not accept it, thus beginning the build to a possible briefcase win at this year’s Money in the Bank.


Rhodes Scholars

Of all the underrated and underutilized superstars on this list, the worst case of wasted talent is the curious case of Team Rhodes Scholars.

Individually, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are two of the better singles competitors in the business, but as a tag team they have been amazing. Whether it’s alone or as a tag team, Rhodes and Sandow deserve better than how they are currently being booked.

Even if the WWE has to throw together a tag team turmoil match that features all the teams the company has on the roster, at least it would be a way to give the deserving team a PPV win and much-needed air time.

Sandow and Rhodes are too good to be glorified jobbers.


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