The SEC: Breakdown Of The NFL Draft

Princess CooperCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses with Baltimore Ravens #23 draft pick Michael Oher at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Like many I watched the NFL Draft on Saturday and as much of it as I could stand on Sunday. I seem to always watch.
For one, I wanted to see where any Gators would end up in the draft. Second, I have particular interest in seeing where the players in the best college football conference in the nation end up.
This year was of particular interest as Matthew Stafford was deemed the No. 1 pick of the draft now many moons ago. And, whether I agree with it or not, I am proud that one from the SEC is chosen No. 1 again.
Admittedly, I came away from the draft thinking the Georgia Bulldogs did quite well, which they most certainly they did. LSU surprisingly did just as well, having six drafted just like Georgia.
The most surprising team of all though, as I analyze the draft this morning, was South Carolina, which took drafting honors in having seven players headed to the NFL. Quoting one of my fellow bleacher report writers, "all that individual talent and no collective success." Very well put Robert.
Below is a breakdown of players that were drafted and to what teams and some analysis by me.

South Carolina - 7
Jasper Brinkly                    Pick 14, round 5     Vikings      
Jarod Cook                        Pick 25, round 3     Titans
Kenny McKinley                  Pick  5, round 5      Broncos
Jamon Merideth                  Pick  26, round 5    Packers
Captain Munnerlyn               Pick 7, round 7      Panthers
Ryan Succop                      Pick 47, round 7     Chiefs
Stoney Woodson                 Pick 29, round 7     Giants
No surprise here in Cook and Munnerlyn. I actually thought Cook would go higher as he was a beast in the combine until he aggravated his hamstring.
I also thought Munnerlyn would come off of the board before the seventh round. Note: South Carolina has the dubious distinction of having Mr Irrelevant, the last pick of the draft in Ryan Succop
Georgia - 6
Asher Allen                      Pick 22, round 3     Vikings
Corvey Irvin                     Pick 29, round 3     Panthers
Mohammed Massquoi         Pick 18, round 2   Cleveland
Knowshon Moreno             Pick 12, round 1    Denver
Matthew Stafford              Pick 1, round 1      Detroit
Jarius Wynn                     Pick 9, round 6    Packers 
This has got to be one of the best drafts for the Bulldogs as far as position. Having the first player in Bulldog history to be drafted No 1.
I personally think that Sanchez was a better pick for No. 1 but the Bulldogs should be proud. I also think Moreno to the Broncos gives him a chance at Rookie of the Year.
They will probably run the ball a lot. Massaquoi going in the second round was a surprise. I didn't think he would be high on any ones want list. But, in his defense he had a killer Sr year.
I think the Vikings got a steal in Allen in the third round.
LSU - 6
Demetrius Byrd               Pick 15, round 7   Chargers
Tyson Jackson                Pick 3, round 1    Chiefs
Ricky Jean-Francois         Pick 35, round 7   49ers
Herman Johnson              Pick 31, round 5   Cardinals
Quin Johnson                  Pick 9, round 5     Packers
Curtis Taylor                   Pick 10, round 7   49ers
Tyson Jackson was  surprise for me as the third pick overall. The rest were just uneventful to me.
I expected more Jean-Francois but all we got was him running off at the mouth. And, good for Byrd to get drafted even though he is recovering from an car accident.
Alabama - 4
Antoine Caldwell            Pick 13, round 3    Texans
Glenn Coffee                 Pick 10, round 3   49ers
Reshad Johnson             Pick 31, round 3   Cardinals
Andre Smith                  Pick 6, round 1      Bengals
Even though the Tide didn't have quantity drafted they had high picks. No one passed the third round.
Congrats to Smith for overcoming his bad decision phase from the Sugar Bowl up til now. Please go thank Saban for the character repair.  I can't wait to see Coffee in San Fran. I think he will flourish.
Ole Miss - 4
Peria Jerry                   Pick 24, round 1     Falcons
Michael Ohr                  Pick 23, round 1     Ravens
Jamarca Sanford          Pick 22, round 7    Vikings
Mike Wallace                Pick 20, round 3    Steelers
I was surprised to see four from Ole Miss but maybe I haven't been following any of them except Michael Ohr. Again, what a powerful story he has and if you haven't heard it please go google it. 
His speech was probably one of the best too at the draft. Good job Ozzie for recognizing character and talent.

Florida - 3
Percy Harvin                Pick 22, round 1    Vikings
Cornelius Ingram           Pick 17, round 5    Eagles
Louis Murphy                Pick 24, round 4   Raiders
No surprises for the Gators from me. I expected Harvin to still be taken in the first round even after he obviously took a stupid pill or maybe that's what they call weed.  I am just happy Ingram and Murphy are getting a chance to prove themselves NFL.
Auburn - 3
Tyronne Green             Pick 33, round 4   Chargers
SenDerrick Marks          Pick 30, round 2  Titans
Jerraud Powers            Pick 28, round 3   Colts
Round 2 was their highest draftee. This can be chalked up as a bad season all around for the Tigers.
Arkansas - 1
Jonathan Luigs            Pick 6, round 4     Bengals

Kentucky - 1
Myron Pryor              Pick 34, round 6    Patriots


Tennessee - 1
Robert Ayers            Pick 18, round 1      Broncos
Vanderbilt - 1          
Reshard Langford    Pick 19, round 4     Bears
Miss State - 0
Observation worth noting is that the Minnesota Vikings took four from the SEC....a Gator, Bulldog, Gamecock, and Rebel.