WWE: Tim Tebow in WWE Sounds Far-Fetched but Just Crazy Enough to Happen

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IMay 6, 2013

(Photo from WWE Twitter Account)
(Photo from WWE Twitter Account)

Jim Ross might have been joking about Tim Tebow coming to WWE, but he apparently got someone in the mainstream sports media thinking about it.

Yahoo Sports’ Patrick Michael writes that Tebow-to-WWE is not as far-fetched as it may sound. Given WWE’s penchant for tying sports stars into storylines, anything is possible:

The most likely scenario for those hoping to see Tim Tebow in a WWE ring is that he could play a minor role such as a guest referee or offering support in a wrestler's corner. Vince McMahon is always looking for mainstream media coverage in the buildup to WrestleMania and Tebow's involvement would generate a lot of interest for the WWE.

Sports stars have been infiltrating the wrestling industry for many years.

Ernie “The Big Cat” Ladd and “Chief” Wahoo McDaniel were stars in the old American Football League before they donned wrestling tights. More recent stars such as Steve McMichael and Kevin Greene tried to parlay their football success into wrestling gold with mixed results. Boxer Floyd Mayweather fought—and defeated—The Big Show at a WrestleMania event.

Former Minnesota Twins legend Kent Hrbek openly talked about becoming a professional wrestler when he retired from baseball (it did not pan out).

In his commentary, Michael points out how Muhammad Ali fought Gorilla Monsoon back in the 1970s and how NBA greats Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman played roles in a WCW pay-per-view match.

And that does not include the countless Hollywood types who have invaded the wrestling ring in the past. Actor David Arquette once was a WCW heavyweight champion in one of the worst storylines WCW ever produced.

And who can forget Andy Kaufman?

In his commentary, Michael even goes so far as to compare the former Heisman winner from Florida to WWE Champion John Cena:

Although the analogy has its flaws, in some ways, Tim Tebow is the John Cena of the NFL. Like Cena, Tebow is a polarizing figure who ignites the anger of many fans despite portraying a "good guy" persona. Undoubtedly, Tebow would be booed even worse than Cena is by the adult male fans of the WWE.

Amen to that—and by saying that, I am not making fun of Tebow’s deep and abiding Christian faith. If anyone could give John Cena a break as the target of countless boos and catcalls, it would be Tebow.

I am in the apparent minority. I actually like Tim Tebow. He has the potential to make an impact in professional football, but the fact that his style is so unorthodox throws people off his bandwagon.

It’s too bad that so many NFL teams are apparently passing on Tebow. Perhaps some of them could follow the lead of the Washington Redskins and adopt an offense that suits their top playmaker, Robert Griffin III.

So the question is, could Tim Tebow show up in WWE someday? It's possible, but I, for one, hope not. Any role he takes on would be nothing more than comic relief in its strictest sense.

Tebow already is seen as a joke by so many for his dogged aspirations to make it in the NFL as a quarterback. Coming to WWE, even for a cup of coffee between team tryouts, would only add to the joke notion and force him to be taken even less seriously than he already is.

WWE should not be an option. Tebow needs to stick to his knitting and pursue his dream of playing pro ball.

But if John Cena ever decides to take a holiday, maybe WWE should keep Tebow’s cell number handy.

We are talking about WWE, you know. And when it comes to WWE, you never say never.

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