We Are The Chicago Bears, Not The New York Yankees

Joseph HuizengaContributor IApril 27, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 16:  Running back Matt Forte #22 of the Chicago Bears is stopped by linebackers A.J. Hawk #50 and Brandon Chillar #53 of the Green Bay Packers during the NFL game at Lambeau Field on November 16, 2008 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

There were quite a few rumors around Chicago regarding what Jerry Angelo was trying to pull-off in order to get Anquan Boldin in a Bears jersey, and none made sense. Just like a player should be loyal to his team and fans, the fans and team should be loyal to him (hence, the Cutler deal).

One of the reasons Chicago sports is so popular around the country is because they don't wheel and deal their players, and the last thing Chicago fans want to do is toss their Hester or Urlacher jersey in the trash because they are with another team.

Jay Cutler isn't here to throw down field all day. 

He'll throw the ball 550 times this year and probably have just under 4000 yards. He'll throw just as many touchdowns (if not more), and less interceptions. The kid OBVIOUSLY doesn't like to get sacked, but instead of just throwing the ball down field he'll have Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, and Des Clark saying, "Toss it here, chief. We can take a hit".

PlayerAttCompYdsComp %Yds/ AttTDTD %INTINT %LongSack/LostRating
Kyle Orton465272297258.56.4183.9122.66527/16079.6
Rex Grossman623225751.
PlayerAttCompYdsComp %Yds/ AttTDTD %INTINT %LongSack/LostRating
Jay Cutler616384452662.37.3254.1182.99311/6986.0


Jay Cutler's arm will give Devin Hester the opportunity to become a true No. 1 receiver since neither Orton nor Grossman had the strength to exploit his speed.

Earl Bennett, given his history with Cutler and all the excitement and momentum Bears Fans are building for him, has to play smart this preseason and in the early regular-season.

If he does a little less and doesn't make mistakes, Chicago fans will continue to wave his flag and build his momentum to have a solid career. If he tries to do too much and makes mistakes... Well, he can call Rex and ask him how to handle it.

Rashied Davis is no Anquan Boldin when it comes to No. 2 recievers, but more reliable than anyone the Bears could have picked up in the 2nd round. Third round pick Jauquin Iglesias should get a shot at some playing time at reciever as well.

The offensive line is more solid than last year. If you think the offensive tackles Chicago lost were so great, refer to the numbers above for how many times Orton & Grossman were sacked.

Matt Forte did what he did last year as a rookie with very little help, and teams were scared. They knew he was getting the ball one out of every three plays, and defenders had to stay close. He still got his yards, but Orton didn't have the arm to capitalize once Forte drew in the defensive backs.

Look for Cutler to stretch out defenses and allow Matt Forte to get just as many rushing attempts and receptions, with more yards and touchdowns.

With Hester focusing on developing as a wide receiver, the special teams needed some help. The other recievers drafted by Chicago on Sunday will most-likely get their opportunity there.

This is virtually the same Bear defense that took over and won ball games a few years ago when the offense couldn't produce. They're just tired. With Chicago's offense keeping the ball longer, their defense will be itching to get back on that field during every Bear's possession.

Chicago drafted some great young talent to groom on defense from programs like Texas and Ohio State, schools that produce professional football players.

The Bear's weakness is their secondary. Fortunately, they are not facing as many dangerous arms as they did last year.

Week two against the Steelers will set the pace for the 2009 season. Expect a division championship at the least. Pick-up Plaxico Burress or Marvin Harrison, then expect home field advantage.

With the weak secondary, however, Chicago will have to have a couple lucky Sundays in January to get a shot at playing in the big game.