San Francisco 49ers' 2009 Draft Grade: B+

Shamus StaffordCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 02:  Running back Glen Coffee #38 of the Alabama Crimson Tide runs the ball against the Utah Utes in the third quarter during the 75th Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome on January 2, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

During last year's draft, I was hanging out with all my friends at Riley's Bar and Grill in Chico, California. We all are die-hard 49er fans and were anticipating a huge draft.

We all wanted DeSean Jackson out of Cal to go to the 49ers. Our hearts were broken when they passed on him. That decision proved to be a big mistake. He had a huge rookie year for the Eagles.

Last year's draft was borderline pathetic for San Francisco. But 2009 is a different story.

Entering this year's draft, we were praying for a play-maker at the wide receiver position, but we never thought Michael Crabtree would fall the the red and gold.

The Raiders blessed the 49ers by taking Darrius Heyward-Bey over Crabtree.

I have heard critics calling Crabtree a "diva" and a "prima-donna." I would say that almost every legitimate receiver in the league has a major ego problem, so I have no problem with Crabtree's ego as long as it doesn't become self-destructive or a nuisance to the team.

The 49ers' sleeper pick was Glen Coffee. The guy is strong, tough, and runs hard. He played in a legitimate division in college and will be a nice addition to the 49ers backfield with DeShaun Foster leaving.

San Francisco is planning on running the ball more often than in the past, so Coffee should help Frank Gore by carrying some of the burden.

The 49ers took a huge gamble by trading their second and fourth round picks for Carolina's first round pick next year. They could have picked up Everett Brown or William Beatty, but the team decided to pass.

However, I like this decision. Now they could possibly make a move for a quarterback in the 2010 draft. Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy would be nice.

The 49ers did take Nate Davis, a quarterback from Ball State, who could be the quarterback of the future but suffers from dyslexia which could make some fans nervous. I just hope he can grip an NFL-sized football.

San Francisco needed to find an offensive tackle to replace the injury-prone, waste-of-space Jonas Jennings. They did not draft one, but they did sign free agent Marvel Smith from the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

The 2010 draft will actually be the deciding factor in whether the 2009 draft was a success for San Francisco. I can only pray that the 49ers are in the mix for Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy.

I don't want to even hear Tim Teabow's name. Don't compare him to Steve Young. He is not even in the same ball park as Steve Young.

Don't insult me or the rest of the 49er faithful with that comparison.