Phoenix Head Shop Takes Out Ad in Newspaper Trolling Tyrann Mathieu

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Phoenix Head Shop Takes Out Ad in Newspaper Trolling Tyrann Mathieu
Image via @SBergerBOSTON

Because nothing says "Welcome to Town" like a personalized salutation from the local paraphernalia shop.

LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu is trying to get away from being the guy nicknamed after a short-legged omnivore who almost ruined his athletic future by toking the devil’s lettuce, but that’s just not going to happen—not if Bud’s Glass Joint has any say in the matter. 

The local business took out an ad in the Phoenix New Times welcoming the “Honey Badger” to town, telling him that they have exactly what he’s “looking for” (via

Mathieu was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft, and as soon as they saw it, one can only presume the owners of the smoke-shop/glass menagerie hi-fived and fired up the olPhotoshop to crank out this little ditty targeting the young man.

It’s not like they were the only ones:

Image via @_Happy_Gilmore

The Cardinals’ choice to take a chance on Mathieu was anything but a vanilla choice, given the man’s past of off-the-field issues involving marijuana and failed drug tests. 

The kid was a true talent and a first-round pick before running into trouble, and if Mathieu’s reaction to being selected in the draft is any indication of the emotion he’ll bring to the Cards, the team has plenty reason to be happy with the pick. 

In the mean time, Mathieu will have to deal with the pot shots (Heyo!) and stay far away from Matthew McConaughey

It would be a lot cooler if he didn’t: Dr__Carson

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