Should Zack Ryder Just Quit WWE and Try to Go to Impact Wrestling?

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2013

Photo Credit: Anton Jackson,
Photo Credit: Anton Jackson,

Zack Ryder could be taking into consideration a gimmick change or a ticket out of the WWE.

He never rose to the stardom he dreamed of after winning the United States title in 2011’s TLC pay-per-view. After losing that title to Jack Swagger a month later, Ryder never saw the push toward direction. Instead, he was relegated to a whipping boy for Kane during the monster’s feud with John Cena. As a result, attention was never drawn to Ryder to again.

Ryder’s YouTube show is over. Most recently, he returned to a jobber status, losing to Big E Langston, Jack Swagger and Fandango. He has also teased fans with a possible gimmick change and a more serious tone in his demeanor. As a matter of fact, Ryder no longer spikes his hair and fist pumps to the ring.

Should Zack Ryder just quit the WWE and try to go to Impact Wrestling? Surprisingly, this would be the worst scenario for him.

All due respect to Impact Wrestling, but Zack Ryder would not be a good fit. Granted, he might be able to show more of his wrestling prowess in matches. But that gimmick would definitely hurt him in the long run.

Before Impact Wrestling decided to create a knockoff character in Robbie E, Ryder started the Long Island gimmick. Impact’s Robbie E is more of an over-the-top spoof of the Jersey Shore club lifestyle. He’s also been relegated into non-relevant confrontations.

Plus, Impact Wrestling is too busy with their main storyline involving Hulk Hogan and the Aces & Eights. As evidenced by this past Thursday’s Impact, Aces & Eights president and TNA World Champion Bully Ray will face Sting at Slammiversary. This is their main goal, not bringing in a new wrestler.

If Ryder does go to Impact, he’ll likely feud with Robbie E or maybe tag with him. That would create a comedic tag team, something their tag team division has yet to have. However, Ryder would face a huge problem: his gimmick.

His current gimmick is trademarked by the WWE, as reported by (via Examiner). Ryder would suffer the same fate as Bully Ray and Devon, who had to reinvent themselves when they were no longer called the Dudley Boyz.

Besides, Ryder doesn’t have the star power the Dudleys have. He would probably still lose to the higher positioned players.

Bottom line, it wouldn’t matter if Zack Ryder quits and goes to Impact.  Truthfully, he’s better off staying in the WWE, where there’s at least a chance of some direction for him instead of none.