A Passion Unrivaled: Our Devotion To Professional Wrestling

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 27, 2009

A spectacle unlike any other matched with an affection unbridled.

Words fail to describe our attachment to a world that has become such a vital constituent of our daily lives up to the point that even a day without it is enough to cause distress or perhaps raise an eruption of agony in some of us.

Each one of us has their own distinct recollection of how they were first enamored by this universe of combat and entertainment.

Take that and multiply it by the population of one country alone and the results are outstanding.

The memoirs of a wrestling fan are too many to be counted on both hands, there are so many cherished moments that have become significant to each of us.

Over the years, our beloved sport has butted heads with many critics and scandals alike and has survived the onslaught regardless of the remnants of scars it has accumulated.

A few idolized superstars may have passed and the hallowed athletes have retired, but the show as always has gone on.

Despite the daily criticism from among us, the spectacle never fails to continue.

Regardless of the injuries, the athletes continue; they are the driving force responsible for taking a number of minutes and transforming them into a powerful memory that remains for ever etched in our minds.

Every sport has been put under the microscope and scrutinized at some point, we're no exception to the case.

Take all that aside and simply focus on the elegant artists in front of you, what you will get is a beautifully painted portrait of a vision shared by the masses around the globe.

A vision of one instant classic after another, a vision of a few well worked matches together with a few superb segments that combine to bring forth a phenomenal show.

Whether it be a death defying spot or a match of the year candidate, these young men and women have enthralled us all time and time again.

Their athleticism is what captured our imaginations, their legendary match-ups, their stellar feuds that told stories unlike any other sport ever could.

The next time you're at a live event, take a look around and observe the frenzy that is professional wrestling.

Look at the superstars of today, perfecting themselves to bring enjoyment into our lives and their ambition not only to provide us with that one iconic moment but also to move up the ranks.

They travel all year round to entertain people all over the world and they deserve a salute, to say the least.

Consider for a minute if you will, the control of a superstar over his crowd.

The one facial expression or a slight alteration in body language that can be either met with chants or jeers from the crowd.

This is my tribute to the sport that I rediscovered.

We have stood together to show our support; no matter how many times we have been disappointed, we're drawn right back to it because of the few miraculous moments that we hold dear to our hearts.

The next time you're sitting in front of your television, wondering why professional wrestling has according to you become bland and uninteresting; recall the moments that excited you, that shocked you and left you wanting for more.

You'll remember that those moments can come when you least expect it.

Try to reminisce about the mere seconds that turned you into a passionate wrestling fanatic, you'll realize it was in that very heartbeat that you proclaimed your love for pro-wrestling.

This is a toast to all my fellow brothers and sisters out there regardless of whether we agree or disagree in our opinions, we are all part of something larger than life itself.