Monday Night Raw: The Loss of CM Punk and the Questions That Must Be Answered

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMay 6, 2013

It's less than two weeks away and only three matches are officially booked for Extreme Rules. Looks like Monday Night Raw could give us more insight as to what may happen with other "feuds" that we know will appear on the card.

There is no mystery any more in professional wrestling. There is no real excitement about any of these matches either.

Maybe it is the hangover we are feeling from the loss of CM Punk to programing and storylines. Maybe it's the staleness we feel when we look to our televisions and we feel a little empty because the "Second City Saint" isn't there to dazzle us with his comments, his wit and his abuse of power.

In his place, we are left watching Fandango dance to the beat of his own drum and more airtime with The Great Khali and Natalya. What a waste of talent for a Hart Family member. I am sure at some point Bret Hart will comment on this as well.

The build-up to Extreme Rules is shaky at best because we have a WWE title match which will again be carried by John Cena.

So we see another confrontation between John Cena and Ryback? Does Ryback explain why he left the arena last Monday night, only to return while Cena and Team Hell No lost to The Shield?

What about another "weak" match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar? Does Lesnar come to Roanoke, Va. and tear the place down? Will Lesnar actually talk, or will Paul Heyman again nursemaid him? And of course, the question on my mind, "Will we ever see Sable in the ring or on Raw again?"

Since we all know Sheamus is going to face Mark Henry and Randy Orton will lock horns with Big Show, can we hope this is the last time we see these confrontations? Seriously, why can't we see Wade Barrett turn face and brawl with the World's Strongest Man?

Does Kofi Kingston have a challenger in Big E Langston? Does anyone care? It seems like a logical solution. It also seems as though with Langston getting the nod, Antonio Cesaro will be pusher further down the WWE ladder.

What a waste of talent.

What do we make of Kaitlyn's "Sercret Admirer"? Is it a ploy by AJ to confuse the current champion? Is it someone we would not think of (Goldust?) since it is not Cody Rhodes? I want it to be JBL, but that would not work. Could it also be a Diva who might make her return to the company?

Who knows. But it will not be a replay of the "Black Scorpion" which was used in WCW to lure Sting into the ring. It was a great setup and failed miserably in the end.

That's all for now. Monday's events will lead to more questions. All of those must be answered as well.

Until then...

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