Mayweather vs. Guerrero Replay: Where to Watch Second Showing of Fight

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2013

You never want to be the person at work or around friends that does not know what everyone else is talking about. This is why you have to make an effort to watch the replay of Floyd Mayweather against Robert Guerrero.

Whether you missed the highly anticipated fight or simply want to watch it again, you are in luck, as long as you are already a Showtime subscriber.

The network that televised the original pay-per-view will display a second showing for free for all of those unable to view it the first time. Here is the information you need to view the replay (via Showtime Sports).


Date: Saturday, May 18

Time: 9 p.m. ET

Watch: Showtime


Each fighter came into the match with an incredible career record. Guerrero had an impressive 31-1-1 mark, with his only loss coming against Gamaliel Diaz in 2005. He had slowly climbed the ranks to get a well-deserved matchup with the biggest star in the sport.

Of course, Mayweather's resume is much more impressive. He had won all of his 43 fights coming in, with 26 of the victories coming by knockout. Still, many believed his year off between bouts would cause some rust against The Ghost. 

It turns out that the long layoff had no impact in this match.

Money looked just as good as ever while dancing around the ring throughout the bout. He controlled everything about the matchup and displayed great defense as well as precision punching.

The welterweight champion was able to retain his belt by unanimous decision during a battle that never truly seemed close. While Guerrero won a few rounds, there was very little debate when Mayweather was declared the victor.

Two statistics regarding the bout really stood out, courtesy of Compubox. The first number was the winner's number of power punches landed:

This shows how Mayweather was able to dominate his opponent without needing to be incredibly quick. He waited for Guerrero to make a mistake and then jumped on it with a perfectly landed power punch.

Although the Ghost did not appear close to a knockout, these impactful hits made a huge difference in the match. 

Additionally, Mayweather was impressive defensively, as he did not allow his opponent to even set up his usual attack:

Money's ability to counter-punch prevented Guerrero from reaching for punches and it took him out of the match. Once the champion dictated the pace, there was nothing for the challenger to do.

Mayweather was able to win his 44th career fight, and once again removed any doubt as to who is the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. Fans are now left waiting to see if there is anyone out there who can eventually knock him from the ranks of the unbeaten.