UFC's Chael Sonnen Shouldn't Buy WWE, He Should Be in the WWE

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

From UFC.com
From UFC.com

UFC's Chael Sonnen made headlines the only way he knows how: with his mouth.  The UFC middleweight-turned-light heavyweight spoke to TMZ this past week after his one-sided loss to Jon Jones at UFC 159.

The promotion's resident loudmouth let it be known that he wanted to buy the WWE.  Sonnen's representative reiterated these intentions to TMZ, stating "It is 100 percent Chael's intent to buy the WWE."

The ludicrous notion of Chael Sonnen threatening to purchase the largest professional wrestling company in the world is exactly why he would be a perfect fit in the WWE.  Sonnen spoke of a lofty and unimaginable goal that sparked interest with a mainstream website and drew attention to the worldwide leader in sports and entertainment. 

What's there not to like?

While Sonnen does not actually intend on buying the WWE, it's this brand of moxie and brashness that could make even more money for Vince McMahon's circus.

The 36-year-old fighter teased retirement from MMA after a third championship-fight loss since 2010.  The seemingly random quote is more of a well-placed feeler. 

Is Chael Sonnen using TMZ to make a beeline for the WWE? He already has the promotion's attention.  The WWE responded to Sonnen's bold claim with a statement of its own:

We are a publicly traded company, so [Chael is] more than welcome to purchase shares of WWE stock and become one of our valued shareholders.

But what about becoming one of its superstars?  Surely he could add value in that light.  Sonnen has "borrowed" pro wrestling catch phrases and mannerisms from the likes of Bret Hart, Superstar Billy Graham and The Rock, just to name a few.  He's friends with CM Punk.  He trained with Steve Austin.  He's clearly a fan. 

Chael has used a pro wrestling-type swagger to create the loudest and most lucrative bark in the UFC today.  He didn't fight his way to the top.  Screw that, that's too much work.  The UFC is a promotion that rewards attention-grabbing antics.

Lucky for Chael Sonnen, so does the WWE.

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