Dallas Mavericks Will Shock the World Again

Taylor GramAnalyst IApril 5, 2008

This year the Mavericks will shock the world....again.

Last year the Mavs were riding high on a wave of momentum. They had just set a franchise record 67 wins and were easily atop the West and the whole league. Below them were only the Pistons and Spurs. Dirk was ahead in the M.V.P race and having the year of his career.

Then came the most horrible thing to ever happen to a Mavs fan. Me being one of them, I don't really want to talk about it, and you should already know what happens next.

This year the same thing will happen, but the Mavs will be the ones beating the big dogs above the West.

Yes, some will disagree and others agree, but the facts are in front of you. Maybe we have gone 1-10 against over .500 teams since Kidd, but most of them came down to the wire. So maybe they couldn't quite pull out the wins again the Celtics, Spurs, the Hornets, and all the other teams, but they were there the whole game.

Now Dirk is back, but during his injury players like Jet (Jason Terry) and J.Ho (Josh Howard) had to step up, play like real players, and lead the team.

Going into the playoffs we'll have veteran Jason Kidd and his playmaker ability to help lead the Mavs deep into the playoffs. I'm not saying I'm looking for a Finals win, but the dream is still alive.  With teams like the Lakers, Spurs and Hornets leading the West, it will be tough making the next round, but painfully stealing the saying from the Warriors, I BELIEVE.

And you also have to consider the possibility that the Mavs could jump up another spot with the Rockets dropping like a lead balloon since their winning streak.  The Mavs could very well play the third seeded team instead of an equally good second seeded team.

 The Mavs record really doesn't prove they should be a seventh seed anyways. I mean, they’re only five games back of the leader. In the east, the Magic are five games back and are the third seed. Some teams will have losing records and still make the Eastern Playoffs. With how shaky the West is anyway, there's no telling who's going to play the eighth seed.

So my hopes are still alive and hopefully they'll stay alive.