Missing Pieces Philadelphia Eagles Could Still Land

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent IMay 8, 2013

Missing Pieces Philadelphia Eagles Could Still Land

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    The 2013 Eagles draft consisted largely of going for the best player available, rather than directly addressing needs. As a result, the team naturally still has holes remaining to be filled on the roster.

    Despite the passing of both free agency and the NFL Draft, there are still a good many playmakers left out there that would fit very nicely with Philadelphia. The Eagles can turn to unsigned veterans and undrafted rookies to fill their needs.

    With the right moves, the Eagles could potentially strike gold, just as the Bengals did last season with Vontaze Burfict. Here are five needs that the Eagles could address with these five players.

1. Inside Linebacker- Karlos Dansby

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    The Eagles still have not really addressed their inside linebacker position. DeMeco Ryans will certainly be one of the starters, but it is not his natural position and he struggled there in 2011. And there are still question marks surrounding whether or not the undersized Mychal Kendricks can play the 3-4 linebacker position effectively in the NFL.

    If Karlos Dansby were acquired, it would be a great signing by the Eagles. Dansby may not be the player he once was, but he still racked up 134 tackles last season. While a bit of a liability in coverage, Dansby is still a ferocious run-stopper.

    At the very least, Dansby would provide excellent depth at the ILB position, which is one of the thinner positions on the Eagles roster.

2. Offensive Guard- Stephane Milhim

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    Although the Eagles will most likely move Todd Herremans to right guard, there are still uncertainties surrounding that position. Herremans played most of his NFL career at the left guard spot and it is not guaranteed that he will play the right guard spot at a high level. And should he suffer an injury, there isn't much depth behind him.

    The Eagles decided not to draft a right guard, but they can still boost the depth of the position through undrafted free agents. Most notably, Stephane Milhim is still available. Milhim possesses impressive size, being 6'4" and 314 pounds.

    Milhim needs to improve his anchor and learn to be better balanced when blocking, but he has impressive athleticism. He is a player who could potentially have a great deal of upside and would be worth taking a chance on with a small contract.

3. Defensive End- Darrington Sentimore

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    While the Eagles did draft a defensive end this season, it was with a seventh-round pick, so the need to continue to add depth at DE remains. While the Eagles may have many D-linemen on the roster, the team is switching to a 3-4 now and will still need to find players capable of playing in that scheme.

    Fletcher Cox seems almost guaranteed to start at one of the DE spots, but the other spot is still a question mark.

    Darrington Sentimore went undrafted this season, and he could be a great player to add to that competition. Sentimore is 6'2" and 288 pounds. He is coming off a pretty productive season, recording five tackles for loss, with four of them being sacks. He also has experience playing in a 3-4 defense.

    Sentimore surprised college football when he announced that he was foregoing his senior year to enter the NFL draft. He could add more depth to the D-line or even turn out to be a sleeper.