The Backlash of Backlash: What Are the Implications of Tonight's Events?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

Tonight we saw a Backlash that was really worth the money! Arguably, better than  several events at WrestleMania XXV!

While the Entertainment was something to be had, the injuries and repercussions seem to be heavy.

Match No. 1: We saw Swagger vs. Christian. When Jack Swagger was pinned by Christian, a new Champion in Christian and an omen of things to come, set off the night.

Implication= we have not seen a 2x ECW champ since Bobby Lashley. This will be Jack Swagger fulfilling the prophecy of being the "future of the WWE."

For Christian, as they say, this validates his return.

Match No. 2: Chris Jericho beat Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

Match No. 3: CM Punk vs. Kane- Kind of a filler match.

Implication= If CM Punk can be beaten by Kane, his chances of winning against a champ are bleak.

Santino is the funniest man Quite possibly in the WWE ever.

Match No. 4: Hardy vs. Hardy: Jeff wins, and Matt apologizes and grovels.


Match No. 5 - Legacy vs. HHH, Money and Batista. Legacy wins, but, we may have all known the result, we did not know how.

Implications= HHH will be injured

Batista will chase the title.

Batista will be confronted by HHH when he returns in a few months and blames Batista for his loss. This will most likely make HHH a heel.

Legacy may now chase Tag titles.

Match No. 6: Edge vs.Cena, Edge won. He proved to be a hell of a lot tougher than anyone thought.

Implications= Fans could EASILY file some frivolous lawsuits, from Cena throwing Edge into the crowd.

Cena could also, be on the shelf for a little bit.

Edge will now be "complete" hopefully, this will make him happy enough to be "fun" (as he said when he talked to Christian backstage at Backlash) and maybe just talk to Christian again (NOT TAG)

Show will want a crack at the title now.

Thanks for reading.

-Blue Chip