AFCN: Comparing The AFC North 2009 Drafts

ollie oleCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 1:  Rey Maualuga #58 and Clay Matthews #47 of the USC Trojans look on against the Penn State Nittany Lions on January 1, 2009 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  USC won 38-24.  (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)



Winners and losers of the AFC North in the NFL 2009 Draft:

Looking at the draft picks below, we can see that the AFC North is the black and blue division of the NFL

AFC North Draft Picks:
1st Rounder: OT Andre Smith
2nd Rounder: ILB Rey Maualuga
3rd Rounder: OLB Michael Johnson
3rd Rounder: TE Chase Coffman
4th Rounder: C Jonathan Luigs
5th Rounder: P Kevin Huber
6th Rounder: CB Morgan Trent
6th Rounder: RB Bernard Scott
7th Rounder: RB Fui Vakapuna
7th Rounder: DE Clinton McDonald
7th Rounder: WR Freddie Brown

1st Rounder: C Alex Mack
2nd Rounder: WR Brian Robiskie
2nd Rounder: WR Mohamed Massaquoi
2nd Rounder: OLB David Veikune
4th Rounder: ILB Kaluka Maiava
6th Rounder: CB Don Carey
6th Rounder: CB Coye Francies
6th Rounder: RB James Davis

1st Rounder: OT Michael Oher
2nd Rounder: OLB Paul Kruger
3rd Rounder: CB Lardarius Webb
4th Rounder: ILB Jason Phillips
5th Rounder: TE Davon Drew
6th Rounder: RB Cedric Peerman

1st Rounder: DT (3-4 DE) Ziggy Hood
3rd Rounder: OG Kraig Urbik
3rd Rounder: WR Mike Wallace
3rd Rounder: CB Keenan Lewis
5th Rounder: CB Joe Burnett
5th Rounder: RB Frank Summers
6th Rounder: DT Ra'Shon Harris
7th Rounder: C A.Q. Shipley
7th Rounder: TE David Johnson

Comparing the drafts of the AFCN we can see it's going to be a black and blue division, with only four offensive skills players taken the first five rounds, with two WRs to the Browns, one to the Steelers, and a TE to the Bengals (half a skill player)

Great draft by the Bengals, the one I really wanted for the Browns, and they had time to pick a punter in the middle.

The rookie team of Kokinis/Mangini hurt the Browns; they got schooled a bit.

The trade of the number five pick was way undervalued, but they wanted to trade out if it because Lerner is still paying Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage, I would guess?

Nevertheless, trading back twice in the first round only garnered two sixth round picks. When you compared it to Bill Bellicheck moving from pick #23 to #26, he got a fifth rounder; Mankok moved from #17 to #19 and then #19 to #21, for two lowly sixth round picks.

Now I am not complaining about the player picked per se: they are very good players, will be first day starters, and they won't be on a bad squad. I just felt we never got value for our pick.

The first mistake in my mind was passing on Michael Oher and letting the Ravens and Ozzie Newsome move up to grab Oher in another master stroke in drafting. I would guess taking Alex Mack thwarted the Steelers' plan to rebuild their OL. But did they look at the Senior Bowl practices when BJ Raji manhandled Mack like a ragdoll? Now Mack has to line up against DTs Ngata (of the Ravens), and Hamption (of the Steelers) twice a year.

The second mistake was passing up on Rey Maualuga at number #36 for a need pick of Brian Robiskie. The Browns are desperate for WRs and Robiskie is a sure-hand WR, but he would have been available at number #50, the Browns' next pick. There was a run on DBs at the top of the second round, but it seems that Mankok missed it.

To make matters worse, Mankok took another pair of stone-hands in Mohamed Massaquoi of Georgia, and got a Quincy Mrogan clone. He also passed up on OG Phil Loadholt, OG Andy Levitre, RB LeSean McCoy, DT Fili Moala, and CB Sean Smith, all players in great or greater areas of need.

I did hear that Mankok wanted smart, great, character players, but did they want all Einsteins on their squad? It's still a game of football, and apart from a couple of positions, raw athletic skills and instincts dominate the gridiron.

The rookie team of Kokinis and Mangini really hurt the Browns in trade negotiations, and it looked like their value charts were a bit off. The problem is this draft class will take longer to be evaluated since WRs typically take three years to develop.

Will Mangini get that honeymoon period to put a competitive team on the field? I think NOT, and they shot themselves in the foot by taking potential over production yet again.

Mangini is trying to clone the NJ Jets in Cleveland. Why won't anyone teach him that it's lunacy to keep doing the same things and expecting a different outcome?



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