WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 3, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    This week, WWE's social media featured birthdays, nostalgia and a new corporate partnership.

    Fans following WWE news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also saw a new set of Superstar's tattoos get profiled, a look at wrestling masks and an unsettling tweet from Big E. Langston.

    It was a silly, lighthearted week. It was a chance to cleanse our collective palate before Extreme Rules hits and as the company shift gears to all things extreme.

    From Russian hats to luchador masks, here are the most interesting tidbits brought to us by WWE-related social media.

April 27: Kane Gets Birthday Hugs

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    WWE's Facebook shared a video clip and photos of Kane getting some birthday love when the WWE stars were in Moscow.

    John Cena and The Rock recently celebrated birthdays as well, but theirs didn't look nearly as fun as Kane's. Cena watched Damien Sandow get a face full of cake. The Rock tweeted a silly shot of the fun he had.

    BEST birthday gift ever! #GiftOfSilly #AintGotsTimeToBeNormal #AllLove #Family twitter.com/TheRock/status…

    — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) May 3, 2013

    Neither Cena nor The Rock got a rousing rendition of the birthday song from Russian fans. They also didn't get ambushed with hugs like Kane.

    Perhaps by next year, Kane will have shed his comedy role and will spend his next birthday setting something on fire.

April 28: Santino's Tattoos

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    Fans who regularly visit WWE's Instagram page know that the company likes to share WWE stars' tattoos. It's a chance to see their ink from a much closer view than we get on TV.

    Here, fans gets a long look at Santino Marella's tats.

    His ink work looks a little disjointed. There's a castle, a dragon, some superhero-like angel guy and Japanese-inspired clouds. It looks like he changed his mind a few times about his tattoo direction and is left with this interesting hodgepodge.

    This is the arm that likely looks like an inked-up blur when Marella hits the cobra.

April 29: Zack Ryder Has Lost His Spikes

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    Fans who missed Zack Ryder getting thrashed by Jack Swagger on Monday's WWE Raw, didn't get a chance to see his new hairstyle.

    He posted a photo of himself sans spikiness on his Instagram account with the caption…"Take care...grow your hair."

    Ryder may not look more or less like a champion, but he certainly looks a lot less like a Jersey Shore rip-off. Fans who read heavily into things may see this as a sign of transition in his character or even a precursor to a heel turn. More grounded fans will see it as just Long Island Iced Z changing what he does with his hair.

May 1: WWE Finds a Tag Team Partner in Yahoo!

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    Word traveled through other methods as well, but WWE announced on its Facebook page that it is entering a historic partnership with Yahoo! this year.

    Yahoo! will serve as the premier global video distribution partner for WWE.

    WWE posted a photo gallery of Stephanie McMahon and Big Show at the Yahoo! Digital Content NewFront event in New York City. Those two both discussed the partnership in a short video.

    What does WWE teaming with Yahoo! mean for fans? It's going to mean an exclusive 30-minute WWE Raw pre-show, original programming on the site and that Yahoo! will be the place to go to for archived WWE matches and highlights.

May 1: Big E Langston Is Creepy

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    Someone with impeccable taste in women and horrendous taste in hats sent Katilyn an anonymous gift on Monday. The moment had some fans wondering who this secret admirer was.

    For those who guessed it was Big E. Langston, his recent tweet suggests you're wrong.

    I look forward to the unveiling of the @kaitlynwwe secret admirer. I wouldn't mind having a new couple to ogle.

    — Big E Langston (@BigELangston) May 1, 2013

    Judging by the secrets WWE has revealed in the past, the secret admirer is either Hornswoggle or the Gobbledy Gooker. Regardless of who it is, it appears that Langston is going to be staring at them in his usual creepy style. 

May 1: Reliving the DX Invasion

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    Donning helmets and riding a tank, Triple H and the rest of D-Generation X drove to the arena where WCW's Monday Night Nitro was being filmed. That hilarious, memorable moment is now 15 years in the past, but it's still worth reliving.

    WWE stirred up nostalgia when it posted a photo gallery of the incident. The company also tweeted a link to a cool story about the invasion that reveals new info.

    Get the complete story behind the famous #DX invasion of #WCW Monday Nitro from @tripleh, @wweroaddogg and more: wwe.me/kBXi5

    — WWE (@WWE) May 1, 2013

    Triple H, Vince Russo and the New Age Outlaws discuss what went on behind the scenes for this segment, how much they knew beforehand and how they acquired a rocket launcher.

May 3: Masks

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    In a celebration of masked wrestlers, WWE posted several interesting mask-related items on its Facebook page.

    There is an ongoing fan poll to determine which wrestling mask is the coolest as well as a nostalgia-inducing photo gallery. In the gallery, fans will see images of Jushin Liger, The Destroyer, La Parka, Mortis, Rey Mysterio and Mankind in action.

    WWE also listed the top 20 most amazing masked Superstars.

    While it's certainly an intriguing read, especially for those less familiar with Japanese and Mexican stars, the fun will be in debating and reordering the list for yourself. Fans will have plenty to nitpick and question about it. How can Psicosis be ranked over Ultimo Dragon? Shouldn't Liger be much higher?