CM Punk Is More Valuable to WWE Than Brock Lesnar

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2013

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Offering more options creatively, CM Punk is more valuable to the WWE than Brock Lesnar. Hampered by his contract and current lack of character, the former UFC heavyweight champion is nothing more than a sideshow attraction.

In a company that thrives on character and story, Punk has more to give.

There is only so far the WWE can push a part-time performer, even if that performer has signed a two-year agreement. The problem with Lesnar is his new contract is reportedly on par with the same conditions of his first contract. Those conditions include a very limited number of appearances.

That means if the WWE wants to use Lesnar, he can only be on television and pay-per views.

Why waste one of his dates with a house show? Realistically, those television appearances would coincide with a pay-per-view event. When his time gets tight, then no more Lesnar.

From a short-term business outlook, Lesnar makes the company quick money. His feud with Triple H was handled correctly and it could be argued that their match helped to make WrestleMania 29 the financial success it was.

But showing up sporadically for the next two years leaves Lesnar without any real development in terms of character. What happens if Lesnar doesn’t renew his contract after WrestleMania 31? The WWE will be two years down the road without a superstar the fans have been groomed on.

This is where Punk comes out ahead.

Wrestling, like every other television show out there, thrives on the characters. The best wrestlers in the world can flounder if they don't have a good character on screen.

Take Harley Race, for example. The eight-time former NWA champion was an amazing wrestler and performer, but in the WWE, he was saddled with a cape and crown after winning the King of the Ring and was never made to look like the dominant wrestler he was.

Dusty Rhodes also fell flat with a character that turned him into a joke.

Then there's Steve Austin. Would "Stone Cold" have become a multi-time WWE champion if he had stuck with his Ringmaster gimmick? It was a bad idea that would have left him behind in the Attitude Era.

As a full-time wrestler, Punk has more potential to be a recurring character that encourages people to tune in and watch. Whether fans love or hate him, he can be the constant on the WWE program. At live shows, that makes the product relatable.

Does this mean that Lesnar has a bad character? Not bad, but one-dimensional. He's a big bully, nothing more.

Before he left the WWE to become an ultimate fighter, he at least displayed more of his amateur wrestling background. "I have the chance to prove that I can compete with the best fighters in the world," Lesnar said on his official UFC fighter profile page.

Now, he seems to be a light WWE version of the UFC beast he was.

The WWE can build better, more frequent storylines with a guy like Punk. Also, Punk can carry more titles than Lesnar ever will with his current deal. Lesnar can't be on television as much as The Rock was, so it is doubtful he will ever hold a title again.

In the long run, Punk is more valuable to the WWE. Lesnar may be more famous, but creatively he can't push the company forward like The Voice of the Voiceless.