WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 4 Reasons John Cena Can Get a Great Match out of Ryback

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistMay 3, 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 4 Reasons John Cena Can Get a Great Match out of Ryback

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    John Cena and Ryback will face each other at WWE Extreme Rules 2013 later this month.  Cena, believe it or not, is considered by many to be the better wrestler.  

    Ryback has earned the nickname "Rybotch" and may have botched his finisher yet again at WrestleMania XXIX against Mark Henry.  That said, Ryback is a rising star in WWE, and as of now, the only viable option to face Cena for the WWE Championship.  

    Whether or not fans like Cena, he can put on a good match with the right partner.  Ryback and Cena have never faced each other.  OK, OK, Skip Sheffield was in the ring with Cena a lot.  But Ryback has never faced Cena.

    Ryback, while he has his issues, will put on a great match with Cena at Extreme Rules.  Here are four reasons why.

No. 4: Fans Are Interested

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    Ryback, up until his heel turn a few weeks ago, got arguably the loudest cheers of any WWE Superstar.  Meanwhile, Cena is increasingly getting booed everywhere he goes.  

    Ryback fans and Cena fans alike, many of which overlap, will be cheering for two of the most popular men in WWE today.

    So long as the match is not a slow-paced beat down of Cena by Ryback, the crowd energy should be good. 

No. 3: Ryback Has Improved Greatly

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    When John Cena was injured and would not be able to face CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, Ryback was thrust into the spotlight.  Few would argue he was ready for main event status at that time.  

    But since then, Ryback has shown improvement in many areas.  His promos are better; his in-ring work is better, and his character is more developed.

    While Ryback may not have been ready to headline pay-per-views six months ago, he is now. 

No. 2: Cena Won't Have to Do Much

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    Let's be honest.  Most people are probably expecting Cena to get beat up, sell his foot injury and then overcome the odds by winning out of nowhere.  Like it or not, that's a likely outcome for the match.  

    The good news about that scenario is that it will give Ryback a chance to showcase his moves and abilities.  From power moves to good sequences, Ryback can show off his abilities. 

No. 1: Ryback Is Starving

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    Ryback is hungry.  For a win, that is.  For fans of Ryback, the fact that he's lost about every big match he's ever been is a sore spot.

    But Ryback means business, and you can bet that now that he's unencumbered by the simplistic and childish morality of a face, he'll do whatever he can to leave with the belt. 

    It's doubtful that he will, but Ryback desperately needs a win.  His fans will be watching intently to see if this time Ryback feasts.