Triple H: 4 Reasons the Game Needs One More Big Run in WWE

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistMay 3, 2013

Triple H: 4 Reasons the Game Needs One More Big Run in WWE

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    Triple H, real name Paul Levesque, is no longer a full-fledged member of the WWE roster.  He's since moved on to a front office role in WWE, but occasionally appears on WWE television.

    Triple H has recently reignited his feud with Brock Lesnar, gaining a victory over him at WrestleMania XXIX.  He has a rematch with Lesnar later this month at WWE Extreme Rules.  

    This begs the question: Is Triple H back?  Well, no.  It does not appear that Triple H is looking for one last run.  But he should.  

    Here are four reasons why. 

No. 4: He Can Put Someone over

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    When it comes to Triple H, there are a lot of fans that still care what happens in his matches.

    Triple H could easily feud with a younger star, say Dean Ambrose or Ryback, and help them make the jump from star to superstar.

    His feud with Sheamus a few years ago helped launch Sheamus' rise to the top.  He could do it again with someone else.

No. 3: He Can Still Wrestle

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    Triple H is still in very good physical condition so he can still put on a good match.  

    Triple H could very easily work for another six months to a year in the ring with regular matches.  

    And he should do it.

    His matches with Brock Lesnar were generally good matches, and more matches would be as exciting.

    If he's healthy, why not?

No. 2: Triple H Appeals to Defferent Fans

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    Most fans of John Cena were probably not even alive when Triple H was dominating Raw with Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton in their Evolution stable.  

    But that's exactly why Triple H should have one last run.  Older fans know who he is, and he was arguably the face of WWE during Ruthless Agression. 

    He certainly was the face of Raw.  

    It would be a good way to both introduce him to younger fans while giving older fans a reminder of the past. 

No. 1: WWE Needs Stars

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    One of the big issues with WWE today is the lack of top stars.  

    You could argue that John Cena, CM Punk and maybe Ryback are the only wrestlers worthy of top-star status.  And a lot of people would argue against Ryback in that spot.  

    The World Heavyweight Championship, which is the logical title for Triple H to chase, could use a big name to generate interest.  Matches that otherwise might actually open a pay-per-view would be given near main event status.  

    Regardless what title he were to chase, Triple H would give the wrestler's he feuds with instant credibility.

    Assuming he wouldn't bury them, of course.