Google Glass Sports Videos Begin to Surface, Promising a Very Intriguing Future

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

Brace yourselves, Google Glass sports videos are coming. 

The Internet lives by one code: Anything worth doing is worth doing a million times. That is why you should savor the initial Google Glass videos that are still damn cool. 

First up is this first-person hockey perspective spotted by Gizmodo and posted by Joseph Lallouz over at YouTube. 

Sick, right?

The possibilities for this to enrich an NHL game are right there. Fans could get a completely different perspective as they see exactly what the players do. The action becomes far more intimate and engrossing for those watching at home. 

It even works for other sports, because there is this basketball video from Noble Ackerson

Again, the video serves more to entertain the opportunity a product like Google Glass could offer sports. It reminds of the GoPro referee video presented a couple of months ago.

In an age when consumers are considering 3D TVs for their home, perhaps the next step is as easy as getting athletes or officials cameras such as these for broadcast purposes. 

Still, I have my reservations. 

First off, Google Glass hasn't exactly stormed out of the gate with tremendous success during this trial phase. The Atlantic Wire reports battery life, security and fit are just a few issues facing initial users.

So we temper our expectations that this will be the next wave in sports and that this wave would happen anytime soon.

There is also another problem, and that comes from you wacky sports fans who are giddy with anticipation for the day you get your hands on these glasses.  

"Gangnam Style," "Call Me Maybe," "Harlem Shake" and the continued relevance of Ryan Lochte: This is why we can't trust you with nice things, Internet.

Soon, Google Glass, or a product much like it, will become as ubiquitous as iPhones. That is when these videos will flood all of YouTube. 

So get them now while they are still wonderfully captivating. 


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