Diva/Knockout Recap: Week Of April 19

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 26, 2009


 Last Sunday's PPV saw a brand new Knockout Champion in Angelina Love. This is a wise move for TNA as there hasn't been another Knockout elevated lately to beat Awesome Kong. Also, with Kong not getting pinned, she remains a strong threat. In typical fashion, Love's win came after suffering an obvious head injury, and the finish(shades of Austin/ Owen Hart, Summerslam 1997) took all the momentum out of the major win. The PPV also saw ODB win a Queen of the Cage match. However, there seems to be no emphasis on the win as this past Impact gave us a Ladder Match between Sojo Bolt and Taylor Wilde, ending with Sojo once again becoming number one contender I think it's a bit too soon to try to determine a number one contender, especially since Kong would legitimately be number one. It looks as though TNA is trying to fix whatever problem they've had since Gail Kim's exit, and having Love as champ is on the right track.



The "A" show gave us a rematch of Beth Phoenix and Melina in a bout for the Women's Title. We got to see just how flexible Melina is as she was literally twisted like a pretzel by Beth. Melina also got to show off her agile skills in some new moves. Rose Mendes managed to make herself look like the useless fool she is by getting on the apron and attempted to look angry at Melina. The distraction allowed Beth to accidentally spear Rosa and Melina busted out her rarely used new finisher, The Last Call, giving her the win. It's definitely the first time in recent history that Beth has been pinned in an actual finisher. This was easily Melina's best match since returning and it will be interesting to see what she does over on Smackdown. I personally hope for a return to her bitchy heel roots, as this face turn is a bit dull. Thankfully, both a Rosa/Beth and a Glamarella breakup are being teased, and both need to happen.


ECW brought in a sad state of affairs as Natalya, personally to me, the best pure legitimate wrestler, male or female, the WWE has, "wrestled" Hornswaggle. Although not really a match and simply meant to give Hornswaggle a sendoff in a comedic tone, it highlighted the complete and utter disgrace that has been Natalya's run in the WWE. It's saddening and frustrating to see the lack of focus on her. Since ECW and SD tape together, hopefully she'll be pushed to be in running for the Women's title, but I won't hold my breath.


Friday Night gave us Maryse's final match on SD with her second title defense against the on a roll Gail Kim. Although short, the match was much more cleaner and put together than their first match. Gail's agility really showed and it's pretty amusing to see nearly every Diva so far, with the exception of Melina, unable to really keep up with her. it makes me very excited for a possible feud between the two. Maryse continues to look ever-impressive as she has been getting back into fourth gear after her knee injury. Her in-ring presence and character is completely solid and her ring skills are improving with every match. RAW will be a good move for her, especially in interacting with more seasoned Divas like Mickie, Beth and Jillian. It's a bit disappointing that the two couldn't continue to build a feud or have a long match, but they had a nice showing, and highlighted along with the RAW match, that if the WWE would give them more time, they can put on solid matches.