Bronx Bummer: Yankees Don't Have the Arms to Compete

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 5, 2008

Last night, the future of the Yankees may have reared its ugly head.

There IS a possibility that they just don't have the pitching to compete with Boston this year.

Rookie pitcher Ian Kennedy, a highly-rated prospect was absolutely tattooed by the Tampa Bay Rays last night in SoBro. It's only one game, I know, but what if this kid washes out this year?

That's not the Yankees only problem. 

Right now, Andy Pettitte is fragile. Not being able to rely on 'outside' help to heal his ills, he began the season on the disabled list.  He is scheduled to return today, but his health has to be in question as this season unfolds.

There are questions about their other starters.

Chein-Ming Wang, the Yankee's ace, is coming off a horrendous post-season showing.  Wang seems to be able to navigate the regular season just fine, but that is where his reliability ends.

Mike Mussina, once a top-rated pitcher in the AL, is on the other side of the hill career-wise. Last season, he was removed from the rotation due to ineffectiveness. He's already off to a poor start, losing 5-2 to Toronto in his first outing of 2008.

Phil Hughes may end up being the ace of this staff.  The Yankees, it seems, are relying on him to be just that. But Hughes has not pitched a full season in his young career and missed much of last season due to injury.

Before this season began, there were high hopes for this club. There will be tons of support as the stadium will undoubtedly be filled almost every night since it is the swan song for the House That Ruth Built. 

Those fans may end up going home disappointed more often than not if this rotation does not round into shape.