Just the Edge the Saints Need

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2009

Edgerrin James wants the ball? True.

The Saints need a running back to run up the middle? True.

Edgerrin James is getting released? True.

The Saints and James a match made in heaven? True.

The Edgerrin James Era is finally over in Arizona as the Saints tried to get back in the first round to get Chris "Beanie" Wells. The Saints could get an Arizona Cardinal, but it won't be the one they wanted in the draft; it will be the man that will be released.

The Saints have Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush as there two main running backs as they have two that will either be put on the practice squad or released in Hamilton and Bell.

Bush is more of a space runner where Thomas can run, but he can't keep it up with 25-plus carries a game.

The Saints are looking for someone who can complement Bush and Pierre and be the man that will run it up the gut like Deuce McAllister did for all those years.

Edge is going to hopefully get the chance, because we know coming out of the 2009 draft, the Saints didn't get that back they needed to run up the gut, and that is what Edge can do.

It's kind of documented that Coach Payton is going younger with the team, as Deuce is sadly departed from the Saints, as he was released.

I honestly think the Saints would slap themselves if they pass Edge up and go for another free agent.

The Saints don't really have other choices, unless they want to trade for someone like Larry Johnson (if that's possible) or go after a free agent like Shaun Alexander, which is highly unlikely.

The Saints, to me, should have drafted a running back in Rasheed Jennings, but the Saints may have something different in mind. I wouldn't know, but now what do the Saints do: Trade for an RB, sign a free agent, sign Edge?

My money is on Edge. What do you think?

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