Mayweather vs. Guerrero Showtime All Access: Best Moments from Episode 4

Kevin McRae@@McRaeWritesFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2013

Mayweather vs. Guerrero Showtime All Access: Best Moments from Episode 4

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    It's all over but the shouting. And fighting of course.

    WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his challenger Robert Guerrero are now just two days away from their highly anticipated showdown in Las Vegas this Saturday night on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

    As the two men have gotten closer and closer to the fight, the promotion has taken on a more personal and heated undertone with both camps throwing accusations and touching on topics some consider beneath the belt.

    In this fourth, and final, edition of Showtime's All Access: Mayweather vs. Guerrero, the fighters both began the home stretch of their preparation for the big fight and missed few chances to dig at their opponent.  

    Here are the highlights and best moments of Episode Four.

    Unless otherwise noted all quotes were obtained from Showtime's All Access: Mayweather vs. Guerrero Episode Four which aired on May 1, 2013.

I Barely Know His Name

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    Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of those characters you either love, or you love to hate. His talent is undeniable but his public persona, which has been carefully crafted, leads many to view him as the ultimate villain. 

    And it's this which makes just as many people tune into his fights in the hopes he'll get knocked out as to watch him work his magic in the ring.

    Mayweather's disrespect of Robert Guerrero has come through loud and clear during the promotion for this fight. The two men simply don't see eye-to-eye and there appears to be some genuine animosity.

    This was never more evident than during an exchange between Mayweather and a young kid in his gym during the last days of training.

    "Of course you don't know his name. I barely know his name either. So you are not going to know his name either," Mayweather told the boy who was having difficulty saying Guerrero's name.

    This is obviously a sign of disrespect but it's also not wise. Mayweather frequently gets criticized for cherry-picking his opponents. And outside of hardcore boxing fans, Robert Guerrero is not the biggest of names.

    Tearing him down in this manner only begs the question: Why fight him if he's as bad as you say?

They End Up Getting Busted

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    Robert Guerrero earned his nickname, "The Ghost," early in his career due to his speed and elusiveness in the ring. Those are traits he will need to have in abundance come Saturday night if he hopes to score the biggest upset in recent boxing history.

    Floyd Mayweather has spent the last several weeks attempting to use Guerrero's nickname against him and has referred to both he and his team as "Ghost Busters" on more than one occasion. 

    And most observers expect he will be just that on Saturday night. One who doesn't is his opponent.

    "Floyd says he's the ghost buster. Every fighter that's fought me said they're the ghost buster. Everybody uses that line and they wind up getting busted," Guerrero said.

    He's mostly correct as he has only been defeated once in his career and is known for not just beating opponents, but beating them up as well. 

    Just ask his most recent foe Andre Berto, who came into the ring with high expectations and left with a loss and disfigured face.

    But Berto is no Mayweather and Guerrero will need to be at his best, and then some, to win this fight.

To Be the Best

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    Since he turned pro after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Floyd Mayweather has been motivated by an intense desire to be not just the best fighter in the world, but one of the best to ever step in the ring.

    In a career that has now spanned 17 years, he has fought and beaten the best. In most of those fights he managed to make elite fighters look less than ordinary, dominating them in ways that were borderline shocking.

    But he understands that talent, which he has in spades, can only take you so far in a sport such as boxing. Fighters rise and fall as quick as it takes a punch to land and anyone not willing to put in the work will soon lose their spot to someone who does.

    This is a fact that Mayweather is more than aware of as he heads into this fight.

    To be the best athlete that ever lived I've got to push myself that much harder. I know if another guy is working 10 rounds on the bag I gotta work 30 rounds on the bag.  If he's boxing 10 rounds in the gym I gotta box 17 rounds in the gym. I always gotta outdo the person that on's on my left and the person that's on my right. I wanna be the best.

    And for the majority of his career, that's exactly what he has been.

He Turned a Lot of Them off

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    Robert Guerrero in many ways is the antithesis of Floyd Mayweather Jr. He's humble, not flashy and even if you aren't rooting for him to win the fight Saturday night, it's hard to dislike him.

    "The Ghost" has overcome a lot in both his personal and professional career, including time off from the sport to be with his wife with during her struggle with leukemia, and can be counted amongst boxing's real good guys.

    Guerrero went to great lengths to emphasize that his opponent Saturday night, due to his talent and marketability, had the chance to be much more than a boxing star. It's a chance he feels Mayweather has already blown.

    If you look at Floyd early in his career Floyd was a good guy. He always carried himself in a good manner. Never disrespected anybody. And then it just flipped. It changed. Everything just spiraled outta control. I'm the highest paid athlete ever, I got this I got that, and he got worse and worse. He just has the opportunity to inspire so many people instead he turned a lot of them off. 

    He's clearly the most talented fighter we've seen in many years and his in-ring accomplishments are extremely impressive. His public persona often doesn't match his day-to-day activities which are known to be generous and charitable.

    But to some it would seem that he could've done more.

Just Involved

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    As any 36-year-old fighter should do, Floyd Mayweather has begun to explore his options once his boxing career comes to a close. He has never been hurt, and rarely challenged, but he understands that the time will eventually come when he no longer laces up the gloves to make a living.

    He is the main face behind both The Money Team and Mayweather Promotions, which are heavily invested in boxing promotion, training and fighter development.

    In recent months you were more likely to see "Money" Mayweather working the corner or in the gym with one of his young charges than actually fighting himself.

    "I'm a boxer, I'm a trainer, I'm a promoter. I'm just involved," Mayweather said on the final episode of All Access. 

    But some have openly speculated about whether he has become too involved in pursuits outside of his own fighting career. That he could possibly lack the focus this time around and that could cost him the fight against a rugged, hard-charging opponent with little to lose.

    That remains to be seen but certainly provides an interesting storyline heading into Saturday. 

Coming to Win

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    A lot of "Money" Mayweather's past opponents have made the mistake of feeling that just getting to the dance is a win. They're happy just being there, getting huge publicity and making the most money they ever have and likely ever will in their career.

    Don't count Robert Guerrero amongst that group. He's not coming for a paycheck or for the experience of fighting the best fighter in the sport on the biggest stage in boxing. 

    Make no mistake about it, whether you feel he can or not, he's definitely walking into the MGM Grand on Saturday with the intention of winning the fight and stopping the Money Train.

    "I'm coming to win. I ain't coming just to lay down and to get paid. That's the last thing on my mind. He's there just to make money and he's going to find out fight night why I'm there," Guerrero said.

    It's this motivation, and the fact that with Guerrero it's genuine, that leads many to believe he could have a real shot at shocking the world.

It's Just Different

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    Every fighter who signs up to face Floyd Mayweather claims they have the strategy, or they found the hole, or they're just the one who knows how to beat him. 

    And 42 men have tried and all of them have failed. Most have failed in spectacular fashion, losing virtually every minute of every round and leaving the ring a fair bit more humble than they walked into it.

    Robert Guerrero and his camp have made a great deal of headlines, and they have convinced a fair amount of people that this is the right style and the right time for the upset. 

    But that's what they all say until they get in the ring and realize that talking about beating Floyd Mayweather is a lot easier than actually doing it.

    It looks different inside a ring with Floyd Mayweather. He's gonna say he's faster than what I thought he was. His defense is better than what I thought it was. And he's gonna be able to tell that this fighter in front of me has a lot of experience.

    And it isn't just experience. It's also boxing intelligence and IQ. Not that Guerrero doesn't have it because he does. But nobody has it in the amounts of Floyd Mayweather and that is always the difference.

It's My Time

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    Robert Guerrero has waited a lifetime, and overcome personal and professional struggles, for this opportunity. It's his first dance on boxing's biggest stage and a victory would catapult him to the stratosphere of the sport. 

    It won't be easy, but "The Ghost" is confident, determined and genuinely believes in his ability to take Mayweather's zero on Saturday night.

    For him it's simply the progression of the sport and time for someone else to take over the reigns.

    "Out with the old in with the new. He's had his time in boxing now it's my time," Guerrero said about his opponent who has spent the better part of a decade as the top dog in the industry.

    Mayweather would of course disagree with that assessment. Even at 36 years old he is still the hardest worker in the game and the mantle of pound-for-pound king isn't something he'll surrender without a fight.

    If Guerrero wants it, he's going to have to take it.


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    Being the best at anything places a huge target on your back. It's the same with every sport.

    When you have something, you need to defend it, and if not somebody else will come along and take it from you.

    Robert Guerrero will walk into the ring on Saturday night as the 43rd man making an attempt to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

    Whether he can or not remains to be seen but for most observers Mayweather will get the benefit of the doubt until someone actually does it. 

    But that won't stop every fighter who signs up from claiming they are the one. And that's something Floyd has gotten tired of listening to every fight.

    "All 43 said it. I think fighters need to come up with a new game plan. Honestly."

    And until one does, or if one ever does for that matter, Floyd Mayweather will remain the best in the business.

Final Thoughts

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    The time for words is over. All that's left for Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero is Saturday night in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

    It's in that ring where their fists, not their mouths, will do all the talking.

    Years of preparation and months of promotion have placed each man in the position to take another step towards defining their careers.

    For Mayweather it's just another day at the office. He's the heavy favorite and expected by most to just walk through Guerrero on his way to a 44th professional victory. In a lot of ways he's the fighter that has the most to lose and the least to gain from a win.

    Robert Guerrero on the other hand has never been here before. This is the big dance, the show, the Super Bowl of boxing.

    If he loses, he was supposed to lose. If he wins then the sky is the limit.

    The storylines are intriguing and loaded with drama. And all that's left now for both men is to fight. And fight they will. 

    As fans, all we can say is bring it on.