Liverpool FC Unveil New Home Kits for 2013-14 Season

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2013


Liverpool revealed a new home kit for next season on their official site. The all-red attire helps celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the club that won the European Cup. It features white trim and prominent displays of the club's logo.

Created by Warrior, the uniform is meant to keep pace with the ever-changing kit technology. More importantly, it's a combines a sleek new look with a vintage appeal that harkens back to a memorable season in the club's storied history.

Included in the announcement were comments from players, featuring midfielder Lucas Leiva, who praised the fresh look.

"It is a very nice kit. The white details have given it a nice touch and the material is very good and very comfortable. I think they have done everything they can to make us feel good and it's a very beautiful kit.

"I'm really looking forward to wearing it next season."

The most important thing when a club like Liverpool develop new kits is keeping with tradition as much as possible. There's always an urge to try something completely new or make radical changes, but for a club with so much history, it would be a mistake.

Fans from around the globe identify the Reds with their current look. And while some minor changes were made, such as the white trimming, the main focus of the uniform remains the same. It will still be immediately identified as a Liverpool jersey.

It's also a nice way to pay tribute to the Cup-winning squad from the 1980s. Liverpool have only won that title once since the 1983-84 side (2005). The idea once again falls in line with the entire idea of remembering the club's past.

All told, it's a kit with a terrific overall look that should go over pretty well with supporters. By updating the look without making a massive overhaul, it's the best of both worlds.

Of course, if the Reds are winning a lot of matches in it, any jersey would probably look pretty good to the fans.