20 Biggest Wuss Moments in Sports

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20 Biggest Wuss Moments in Sports
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of whether an athlete is a future Hall of Famer or a marginal contributor whose career is fleeting, we expect them to be something stronger than the average man or woman—emotionally, as well as physically.

Maybe an undrafted wide receiver will never move beyond the practice squad, but if they run a crossing route, they better hang onto the ball despite being torpedoed by a 220 lb human missile.

Great, horrible...or somewhere in between...athletes aren't supposed to wilt in the face of fear, pain or some combination thereof; fair or not. That's what WE do. 

So, when the superhuman façade of an athlete cracks and they avoid a hit at the expense of a big play, shed tears for anything other than a funeral, or any other act that reveals some legit sense of vulnerability, it's a sports crime. It creates headlines, draws scrutiny from teammates/fans and kills careers. 

That's right: being a wuss is a sports taboo. Pain, suffering, intimidation? Meh...49ers great Ronnie Lott had his finger amputated to stay on the field—so what's your excuse? These are the 20 biggest wuss moments in sports. 
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